Mass robbery in SITP with firearm, in Bogotá

The fact of unsafety It was presented on the night of this Monday, while the Bogotá public transport bus was moving through the sixth race with first street, reported Snail News.

Apparently, several men entered the vehicle who They intimidated the passengers with firearms and stole their belongings (bags, cell phones, wallets)said the city police.

After achieving their mission, the criminals escaped from the bus, but before the victims alerted the authorities, one of them was pursued and captured by the uniformed, added the newscast.

During the prosecution process, the policemen were surprised by the criminal record of the subject who in the last year he passed 9 times by the Uri’s of the Prosecutor’s Office for repeating aggravated and qualified thefts, injuries and illegal possession of weapons added the newsletter.

The above was confirmed by Colonel Libio Catillo, operational commander of Bogota:

“This person in 2020 was caught in flagrante delicto 8 times for the commission of different crimes, and in 2021 (15 days ago) he had also been caught for the theft of a taxi driver.”

The detainee was again at the disposal of the Prosecutor’s Office, which will decide his judicial process in the next few hours.


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