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This Tuesday the mass vaccination against covid of those over 80 years of age who live at home in all health areas of Extremadura. About 70,000 people will receive the Pfizer doses between now and the end of March, which is the period calculated to complete this phase of immunization.

Seniors will be cited Mainly in its Primary Care points, although there will be exceptions such as in Navalmoral de la Mata, where the vaccines will be administered in the sports hall “Because the infrastructure of the health center does not allow it”; or in Plasencia, where users of the Plasencia I, II and III areas will open the El Berrocal fairgrounds, where they will be attended in their own vehicle. This is confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services of the Board.

Although officially “cruising speed” in this phase of vaccination is activated from this Tuesday, Last week doses were given to people over 80 years old in the health areas of Cáceres and Llerena-Zafra because there were surpluses. It was something punctual. Likewise, This Monday the process also began in towns such as Zalamea de la Serena. Now all the areas of the autonomous community are getting down to work: the forecast is that 11,000 doses will be administered this week and that the pace will accelerate between now and the end of March.

In Extremadura there are about 80,000 people over 80 years of age, but 10,000 have already received the covid formula because they live in residences. It is the other 70,000 who now enter the health protocol.
Along with this population group, This week we will also continue to work with the group formed by large dependents and their caregivers, especially with the latter, since most are waiting. From Health and Social Services they report that 60% of the large dependents have already been vaccinated. There are 4,625 dated this past Sunday.

Likewise, they emphasize that it is “a minimum percentage” that has not been able to travel and has received the dose at home. Counselor José María Vergeles spoke of some 1,300 in the entire region. These days, the process of those who cannot move from home will also continue.

Another group that is also already in the race towards immunization are health: hospitals, health centers and private clinics are already almost 100%. This week others from professional associations will be called.

The essentials

In addition, the immunization process of those over 80 years of age will overlap with that of essential groups (prison personnel, State Security Forces and Bodies, including the Local Police, firefighters, Infoex personnel, Civil Protection and non-university teachers ).

As confirmed by Health, in the case of these groups considered essential, the process has not started yet.

In this case they will receive the AstraZeneca formula. And this sector also includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacy personnel, legal medicine, home help services, centers for minors and day centers.

Once the immunization of all these priority groups has been completed, a calendar will be established by age ranges from oldest to youngest and that will be the only criterion to continue advancing in the fight against the virus.

For now 37,889 Extremadurans have already received the two guidelines for the covid vaccine, that is, 3.5% of the population.

There are still seven residences awaiting the vaccine

Most of the residences have already begun to breathe. They have recovered their activities and, most importantly, the visit of relatives. But there are others that are still awaiting the arrival of the doses against the covid and are still shielded. As confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services, there are still seven nursing homes in which the immunization plan has not been carried out. The reason? There are still active covid outbreaks, and until they are closed, the process cannot be carried out.

The good news is that for about 20 days, in which the two doses have already been given, no new outbreaks of the disease have been produced, so the effects of the vaccine are already being noticed. “It seems that it is influencing the outbreaks in residences, because we have been without them for a while,” said the counselor José María Vergeles this Monday.

It should be remembered that these centers accounted for almost 90% of the deaths in the first wave of the coronavirus.

Vergeles: «They have been almost completely confined»

“These people have been very responsible and have been almost completely confined since this nightmare began.” They were the words this Monday in his social networks of the Minister of Health and Social Services, José María Vergeles, in reference to the fact that the vaccination process for the elderly people of 80 years of Extremadura would finally begin.

For this reason, the Health Minister applauded the start of the process. Likewise, he again sent a message of gratitude “to all professionals of Public Health and Primary Care the rate of vaccination in Extremadura.”

He assured that he is already going at an “adequate” speed. “We are prepared for when more doses of vaccines arrive,” he stressed.

It should be remembered that the region started the immunization plan almost at the tail end of the country.


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