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As of today, mass vaccination begins in several other cities in the country. Five more medical establishments are included in Sofia – ISUL, First, Second and Fifth City Hospital and Sofiamed Hospital.

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Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) 20011

In RHI Plovdiv There will be 2 vaccination rooms and the medical teams will be on duty from 9:00 to 16:00. It is not necessary to register in advance. Today, the Medline Hospital in Plovdiv is involved in the initiative to provide “green corridors” for vaccination against COVID-19. The immunization cabinet will be open from 10:00. Vaccines will also be given at the hospital Asenovgrad.

Vaccination office opened in Asenovgrad

Mass vaccination against COVID-19 begins in Haskovo. Three points will work – in the building of RHI, in MHAT “Haskovo” and hospital “Hygia” from 9:00 to 12:00.

A second immunization cabinet opens today at Shumen due to the great interest in vaccines. It will be located in the building of DCC 1, known to the people of Shumen as the New Polyclinic. Thus, from 10:00 to 16:00 Shumen residents who wish to be vaccinated will be able to do so both in the new polyclinic and in the immunization office at 1 Tsar Kaloyan Street. It is necessary for those wishing to be vaccinated to carry an identity document, and if they have chronic diseases and medical documents.

The mass immunization in Burgas has started

Mass vaccination also begins in Pleven from today. The Regional Health Inspectorate received 1970 doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which were distributed to nine immunization offices in hospitals in the area. Pre-registration for immunization is required. The telephone numbers that anyone can register for are published on the RHI website. This is necessary in order to be able to group people for the number of vials, explained Dr. Ilian Minchev, director of the Regional Health Inspectorate.

Immunization offices on Sunday will work in the University Hospital “Georgi Stranski”, the University Hospital “St. Marina”, the Hospital “St. Pantaleymon”, the Hospital “Levski”, the Hospital “Belene”, the Hospital “Kneja”, the Hospital “Gulyantsi” and in DCC Cherven beach.

Vaccination at speed: Queues curl in front of Pirogov

An on-duty office for all those who wish to be vaccinated will work in the Regional Health Inspectorate in Vratsa. There will be a green corridor for immunization in the Diagnostic – Consulting Center in the building of the regional hospital and in the medical center “Euromed”.

On Sunday, mass vaccination begins in the area Gingerbread, announced the regional governor Emil Kostadinov. The immunizations will start at 10:00 am in the open immunization office in the Regional Health Inspectorate and at 10:30 am in DCC 1 in Pernik. From Monday, those interested will be able to be vaccinated in the immunization office at Rahila Angelova Hospital.

Here is where and how vaccination against COVID-19 is possible over the weekend

Vaccination points will be found in hospitals in Karnobat and Pomorie, as well as in medical centers in Aytos, Sunny Beach and Tsarevo.

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Coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19)

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