“Massa has 100 days”: the ultimatum that Cristina Kirchner would have given him according to Jorge Lanata

Concluded the first day of Sergio Massa as Minister of Economy, Jorge Lanata He reflected on the new stage initiated by the Government after the complete reorganization of the cabinet. “Cristina told Massa that she has 100 days” to reverse a complex economic scenariowarned the journalist, who also provided details on the factor that will be decisive in evaluating the performance of the new minister: the objective, in terms of elections, would be reduce inflation to 3% per month. “There are those who say that this is impossible and those who believe that it is not,” analyzed the driver of Journalism for All.

“Massa is the last bet of this government,” Lanata predicted during her conversation with Diego Sehinkmandriver just one more lap which is issued by TN. He also presented a lapidary analysis of President Alberto Fernández, who “stopped being president”, interpreted the journalist, and is “relegated to an institutional setting“, he pointed out.

For Jorge Lanata, “Cristina Kirchner and Mauricio Macri will appear in 2023” and “Javier Milei could intervene between them”

“Cristina gave Massa 100 days”

The swerve sought by the Government with the appointment of Sergio Massa will require reverse a complex economic scenario in just 100 daysterm that, according to Lanata, Cristina Kirchner would have given him to rectify the economic course.

Massa has 100 daysbut not by the press. It’s what Cristina gave him to see what’s up. Then, if you don’t get what you want, anything can happen. And it is literally anything,” said Jorge Lanata.

What was not seen from Sergio Massa’s oath: bloopers, broken glass, Pipo Gorosito and the minister’s whistle

Regarding the electoral bet in 2023, the journalist observed that the fundamental objective of the government of Alberto Fernández will be “lower inflation to 3% per month”.

“There are those who say that this is impossible and those who believe that it is not,” he considered.

He also analyzed the delicate problem of the monetary issue: “It says that it will not print, but what to print [billetes] it is a necessity, nobody would want to print, but they do it because they have no other choice”, he explained.

Sergio Massa – PHOTO: AFP

“Another objective that he plans has to do with balancing public spending”he expanded, a challenge that, from his point of view, will be very difficult due to the multiplicity and volume of expenses promoted by Kirchnerism: “The amount of expenses that there is today, now… In Government House and Olivos they renew the crockery, they renew the lights. Tecnópolis, a very large expense of 400-odd million mangoes, which renews I don’t know what knob,” he specified Jorge Lanata.

“In the dynamics it seems to me that it will be very difficult for Massa to restrict spending”he reasoned.

“I believe that Massa has to find a balance in a difficult situation and his survival depends on it,” he argued after enunciating a difficult prognosis for the new minister.

Massa has the titanic task ahead of changing economic expectations

Cristina Kirchner and corruption

During the dialogue with TNthere was no lack of allusions to the judicial situation that Vice President Cristina Kirchner. “When did it matter to Peronism that someone has a conviction for corruption? That I never know”questioned the presenter of Journalism for All.

“Cristina (…) is more concerned about history than about the politics of the situation. When she responded to the TOF 2 judges, she said ‘history already acquitted me’. Let’s try to place ourselves in Cristina’s mentality. I know that the comment is very megalomaniac, but within Cristina it seems reasonable to me. It is logical that she thinks that way, “she specified in her analysis.

Diego Luciani and Cristina Kirchner

“I think that what bothers her the most about her sentence is not jail, because she’s not going to go to jail. But the humiliation that this means for her (a possible conviction for corruption)… The way they blur what that she drew with so much effort. For her it is terrible. She is speaking to history. And perhaps history does not absolve her, it is the problem for Cristina, “he argued.

“There can be no country until that happens. The fact that Cristina has been vice president is a horrible scandal. She should have been in jail before that,” she added.

With respect to peronismdespite the current crisis, Lanata ruled out the possibility of its dissolution with a provocative reasoning: “As long as there is a poor person in Argentina, Peronism will exist“, Shooting.


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