Massive caravan in downtown Buenos Aires in support of Fernández – A morning for all

Thousands of people carried out this Saturday a mobilization with a caravan of vehicles to Plaza de Mayo to celebrate “Loyalty Day” and express their support for the Government.

The caravan was initially organized by the Frente Sindical para el Modelo Nacional, led by truck drivers Hugo and Pablo Moyano, and which covered the downtown area during the morning and noon.

Hundreds of trucks, buses, taxis and private cars paraded down Avenida Belgrano in the direction of Bajo Buenos Aires, in order to conclude in a rally in Plaza de Mayo.

During the afternoon, in the run-up to the central act for “Loyalty Day” led by President Alberto Fernández at the CGT headquarters on Azopardo Street, the caravan added thousands of self-assembled people who approached the historic square in private vehicles and on foot.

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The main slogan expressed by several of the protesters was “support for the Government”, in addition to the celebration of the historic date of Peronism and, in short, the mobilization sought to show in the street the power of mobilization of those who support the president’s management Alberto Fernández, before the opposition marches in recent months.

“With this we want to convey the support to the Government as a whole. We want to respond to it and show it the support it has from the vast majority of workers, who are experiencing difficult needs but who do not stop recognizing the effort that the Government is making to get out of the a situation that the previous government left us and that the pandemic led to, “said Moyano.

In a press conference at the headquarters of SMATA, the union leader remarked that the “caravan of loyalty” was devised by the organizations that bring together workers in essential activities.

Moyano pointed out that “everything that is done in order to further recognize and embrace the cause of Peronism is important,” alluding to the various acts carried out on the 75th anniversary of the birth of the Justicialist movement.

“We know, the worker knows how to act at this time, take care of the protocols that the Government has decided,” said the trucker leader, alluding to the possibility of coronavirus infections.

Likewise, the truck driver questioned the opposition protests that were registered in recent months: “Those marches, when the well-fed ladies come out, with their good clothes, to say what they say … I don’t see much sense. it draws attention, because the things they say and pose are so absurd “.

Finally, Moyano rejected the statements of former president Mauricio Macri and affirmed that “he speaks as if nothing had happened here, as if he had not been.”

“It is ashamed to listen and see the way he expresses himself, ignoring, ignoring or trying to hide the disaster he made in those four years. More than clarifying, it darkens,” he concluded.


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