Master Gims and Dadju: The new choice made by their sister Djeasha

In the Djuna family, music is a business that is passed on. After Master Gims and Dadju, their sister Djeasha wants to try to find a place in music.

The fifth child and first daughter of the siblings of Congolese musician Djuna Djanana, member of the group Long live the music, unveiled his first single in a registry Zouk Kompa, entitled “For life“, Sunday February 14, 2021.

The choice

Already on February 5, she had published on YouTube, a video in which Djeasha presented herself to the general public through a visual biography.

If at first, the sister of Gims and Dadju had made the choice to start a family, from now on, it is to a professional project around music that she decided to devote herself: “Every day, morning, noon, night, I felt the desire to express myself through music. Making the decision to finally get started was not easy. It’s not a choice that I made like this overnight“, She explained.

“I had a lot of criticism”

Djeasha’s first steps in music were not necessarily received as she would have liked.

When I started talking to those around me about my desire to get into music, I had a lot of criticism. I was judged. I have had friends who told me that I couldn’t happen like this ”, remembers the one who is aware that being “the sister of”Has advantages and disadvantages.

It is certain that I can benefit from their experiences, but on the other hand I will be judged differently and even very severely“, She indicates, determined to trace her path very independently:“I have advanced in my work, I have created an international team. I have worked a lot and have evolved well. I informed my entourage only after completing my projects. I really wanted to stay focused and find my own identity, my musical DNA. ” We can only wish him as good a musical career as his brothers and his father.

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