Master swindler. Arrest warrant against Ramón Sosamontes stopped

A federal judge has stopped, for now, the execution of any arrest warrant against Ramon Sosamontes Herreramoro, former collaborator of Rosario Robles, involved in the Master Scam, however, the measure does not protect you if you are accused of a crime that warrants preventive detention ex officio.

The Seventh District Judge of Amparo in Criminal Matters in Mexico City granted a provisional suspension to the former head of the office of the Secretariats of Social Development and of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedesol and Sedatu, respectively) against any arrest warrant.

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“In the event that the requested deprivation of liberty order derives from a crime that does not involve unofficial preventive detention (…), the provisional suspension of the acts claimed is granted to Ramón Sosamontes Herreramoro solely for the purpose that the petitioner for the amparo is not apprehended or deprived of his personal liberty, solely because of the acts attributed to them in the request for protection that gave rise to this incident to the responsible authorities; this until it is resolved on the definitive suspension, “he said.

The judge specified that if the authorities have an arrest warrant against Robles’ former collaborator for a crime considered serious or that deserves preventive detention ex officio, the measure does not prevent his arrest.

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“The precautionary measure granted here will not be effective if it is intended to deprive the petitioner of his freedom from the constitutional trial in compliance with a different order depriving him of personal freedom issued against him by a judicial and / or administrative authority other than those indicated here, or if they are caught in the commission of flagrante delicto; on the occasion of an urgent case, when it is a crime that includes unofficial preventive detention and in the face of the well-founded risk that it may be withdrawn from the action of justice or if it is caught violating regulations of general observance “, he pointed out.

To keep the suspension in force, Sosamontes must pay a guarantee of 20 thousand pesos, which must be shown to the court within a period of five days.

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Sosamontes Herreramoro worked with Rosario Robles since she was head of government of Mexico City.

In the case of the Master Scam, Ramón Sosamontes is mentioned together with Emilio Zebadúa, a former senior officer of Sedesol and Sedatu, as signatories of the irregular contracts with which the millionaire diversion was forged in both dependencies.

According to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), the seven agreements signed by Zebadúa and Sosamontes in Sedesol and Sedatu caused damage to the treasury for 1,630 million 616 thousand 503 pesos.

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Currently, Rosario Robles is linked to a process for improper exercise of public service and has a pending arrest warrant for money laundering and organized crime.



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