Mastercard wants to open the network for cryptocurrencies

Dhe credit card provider Mastercard wants to support cryptocurrencies by opening its global network this year. The step “will open up a lot more opportunities for buyers and merchants as they can pay in a completely new way,” the payment processor said. Dealers could tap new customers who already rely on the digital assets. However, not all cryptocurrencies would be supported by Mastercard, as many of the virtual payment methods would first have to tighten their compliance measures.

The main focus here is on combating money laundering. At the beginning of the week, Tesla boss Elon Musks had committed himself to Bitcoin, the oldest and most important cyber currency. The company has invested $ 1.5 billion in cryptocurrency and plans to accept digital currency as a means of payment soon. Asset manager BlackRock and payment companies Square and PayPal have also recently turned to cryptocurrencies. The most famous crypto asset is Bitcoin. The payment processor still left open whether Mastercard will include Bitcoin in its network.


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