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Masterchef Celebrity 2021: Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal win ‘Masterchef Celebrity’

The sports journalist and the comedian, who started the contest as enemies, ended up starring in a historic finale that all their peers applauded

Joseba Fiestras

They gave an incredible lesson in camaraderie, they didn’t get along and turned the situation around from the first minute. They gave a television lesson, enlivening every moment with humor, irony and rhythm. And they gave a work lesson, creating haute cuisine dishes in an anthology finale. The sixth edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ has broken the mold. “It is in a moment of absolute maturity.” This is how the Quique Dacosta contest, the illustrious guest to a historic final, pondered. And it is that Miki Nadal and Juanma Castaño deserved to share the grand prize and Pepe Rodríguez, Jordi Cruz and Samantha Vallejo-Nágera decided to break the norm and award the title to both.

“This is an immense joy without anything to tarnish it,” Nadal assured. And he was right, they have become such friends that the defeat of one clouded the victory of the other. «I am infinitely happier than if I had won by myself. It is the greatest act of justice that there has been in ‘Masterchef’ in all its history ”, gave Castaño. It was an emotional, intense and spectacular final. And also historical for another reason. “We have 24 editions and it is the first tear that escapes me,” Jordi confessed to the story of a dessert that remembered Miki’s mother, who died earlier this year. His colleague also scratched his heart on each of his proposals. Both showed that they know how to leave humor on hold when it comes to uncovering feelings.

The last evening began with the triumph of the sportscaster in a group event in which David Bustamante and Belén López were lost. Having become the first finalist, Castaño withdrew leaving the remaining trio at the mercy of a demanding competition in El Penedés with cava as the main protagonist. The three of them shone there, but a treacherous carpaccio and a forgotten sauce hurt Bustamante, while a lazy brioche dough condemned the actress. Miki convinced and the judges chose him as the second runner-up. “You have made it very difficult for us,” they first praised all the participants, then explaining their decision. “You are a guy with an enviable calm,” said Pepe. Samantha went further: “The diners have hallucinated with your Norway lobster.”

Nadal had promised to honor his mentor if he reached the final duel, so the comedian did not hesitate to shave his head and don a crest like Dabiz Muñoz’s in the final challenge. Another moment of the night was the appearance of Helena Condis, Juanma Castaño’s girlfriend, who did not hesitate to tuck her partner in on the special occasion. “This moment worries me a little,” the journalist warned, explaining that his girl and mother were going to meet on the set of the culinary talent. “Whoever loves my children and loves my grandchildren makes me happy,” said the protagonist’s mother to calm the staff. Of course, all the contestants in the edition, including the late Verónica Forqué – “I’m already much better,” he indicated about the drop that led him to leave the contest – returned to support the winning duo and everyone was delighted with the fair result. I said, a historic final.


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