“MasterChef Celebrity México 2023: Updates, Challenges, and Eliminations”

2023-05-29 05:14:29

MasterChef Celebrity México 2023 this one came back 28th of Mayor with more recipes, challenges, scolding and congratulations from the judges Zahie Tellez, Poncho Cadena and Adrian Herrera, who from the beginning have made it very clear how demanding they are. ANDThis Sunday the one eliminated was Poncho de Nigris, who failed to conquer them with his dishes, since the jury chose him to abandon the contest and frustrate his dream of obtaining the prize for one million pesos.

In this broadcast, de Nigris was the one who joined the club of the eliminated, made up of Alejandro Lukini and Pedro Prieto, who have been removed from the “most famous kitchen in Mexico,” which is broadcast weekly on the signal aztec ONE and is driven by Claudia Lizaldi.

First challenge: The celebrities cooked a dish with 20 pesos in just 40 minutes

Each member cooked individually and, for this, they themselves chose their station. Some participants like influencer, Nigris Poncho, He was unaware of an important element of its ingredients, it was huazontles, which he claimed he had never seen.

Despite all odds, he conquered the judge, zahie tellez with his saucer. However, he could not be saved, but luckily, the celebrities who went up to the balcony in this first test were: Romina Marcos, Fabiola Campomanes, Monica Dionne and, the ex-soccer player,** Paco Palencia.**

MasterChef Celebrity México 2023

The former boxer, Jorge ¨El Travieso¨ Arce and the beauty queen Irma Miranda They remembered when, at one point in their lives, they did not have the possibility of buying food with more than 20 pesos, being Miss, who was moved to tears when she remembered her mother with her modest dish.

Second challenge: Cook with high-end ingredients

In this second part of the program, Palencia assigned some luxury and unconventional ingredients such as truffles, caviar, lamb and lobster to some of his classmates to prepare them individually; while there were some celebrities that they did not reach and they had to carry out the challenge as a couple, trusting in their team leader, their knowledge and expertise when cooking.

The first celebrities saved from the night and who went up to the balcony were: Ana Patricia and Jorge ¨El Travieso¨ Arcey Eduardo Capetillo and Jimena Longoriawho won this stage thanks to their original dishes, but who really won the hearts of the judges were the couple made up of the Father José de Jesús Aguilar and Irma Mirandathanks to the toast they presented.

The Elimination Challenge: Celebrities Managed Their Own Budget

Value food and remember some experiences of famine were the main drivers for the participants, who had to manage with a budget of 200 pesosthe cost of your pantry and save to prepare the dishes that would make up your menu in the last challenge.

One of the moments that drew attention was the situation with the pressure cooker that arose from Cositas, who revealed that he did not know how to use it and that it generated a moment of great tension, because due to time he believed that he was not going to make it.

Gaby Goldschmidt He did not pass the challenge of flavor or assembly with his “Róbalo blanco”, but he did overcome the challenge of cooking by judge Zahie Téllez, and he also conquered the palate of chef Adrián Herrera with his homemade white sauce.

for the underrated cyberneticthe panorama was no different, since he was praised with his creation by both chef Herrera and Poncho Cadena. yvonne montero he fulfilled with a perfect cooking and seasoning for his chicken dish with creamy mushroom sauce.

“Life in the salsa mirror” of the comedian and actor, Manu NNA He was decisive in convincing the judges and becoming a reference for Goldschmidt when preparing sauces. Emir Pavon He had an obstacle on his plate and it was the crust that he made on his tuna, because he had an excess of sesame seeds on the toast that he presented.

The eggs of Poncho de Nigris, a dish inspired by his children, a breakfast to which he added handmade tortillas, was overshadowed by excessive salt and that the tortillas were dry.

Despite the complications he had, little things He made the judges furious with his chilorio, due to the lack of flavor of its preparation and lack of cooking, who considered it “unacceptable”.

The actress, liz vega recalled his roots, in Cuba, where he mentioned that there are not many ingredients at hand and who chose to make a Chicken Fricassee, a dish that her mother prepared for her when she was a child, which she considers a “part of her land.” Judge Herrera called it the “saucer of happiness” and she was the first to go to the balcony in this test.

Things got tough for Little Things and Nigris Poncho, who were a couple in one of the challenges, however, the final decision of the judges was that the businessman and also the driver had to leave the contest and become the third out of the ‘most famous kitchen in Mexico’.

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