MasterChef Celebrity / Season Two / Chapter 23 | Video

This Sunday, December 5, the most recognized cooking program on Chilean television, “MasterChef Celebrity”, began with a new stage of salvation where the aspirants, Tutú Vidaurre, Benjamín “Pollo” Castillo, Felipe Ríos, Nataly Chilet, Gastón Bernardou, Rodrigo “Gallina” Avilés and Josefina Velasco, they faced the dreaded mystery box.

In relation to this, they must have cooked inspired by the seven deadly sins, where we could see Hen Aviles placing his face on a plate of noodles with tomato sauce, represented gluttony. The winner of this stage, Pepi Velasco, went up to the balcony with the actress Begoña Basauri, who achieved immunity in the previous chapter.

Then, in MasterChef Celebrity the six hopefuls who could not save themselves, faced a new phase of elimination, where they had to cook to perfection and at the exact cooking point, a octopus.

“MasterChef Celebrity”, all the Sundays and Wednesdays after Tele13, on the screens of Channel 13.

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