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MasterChef Celebrity / Season Two / Chapter 24 | Video

In this new chapter of “MasterChef Celebrity” a cuisine of high international level was experienced and only two applicants managed to save themselves from the next elimination

Tonight of Wednesday, December 8 on “MasterChef Celebrity” the applicants lived the last exit from the studio, to prepare their dishes in a professional kitchen of a five-star hotel.

In the luxury kitchen, the chefs warmly welcomed the seven applicants: Felipe Ríos, Tutú Vidaurre, Gastón Bernardou, Josefina Velasco, Pollo Castillo, Gallina Avilés and Begoña Basauri, and then warn them that it would be a very demanding competition, waiting for them to prepare high kitchen.

The two tests of the night were carried out in teams and it was the random who made up the three groups. Then each group had to cook a protein: rabbit, rack of lamb or snook; However, to define which team would choose the desired ingredient, they prepared a club sandwich and the winners had the possibility to choose between these three foods.

MasterChef Celebrity

For this proof of salvation, the prompts were cook six exactly the same dishes. The jury was made up of the chefs, Yann Ivin, Fernanda Fuentes, Jorge Rausch and by three world-class chefs: Adolfo Cavalie from Peru, Massimo Vessella from Italy and Javier Cárcamo from Chile.

Find out all the details of what happened on MasterChef Celebrity.

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