Match: The match, the pressing, Pochettino, Neymar, etc, Diallo’s reaction after Brest / PSG (0-3)

After the qualification obtained on the Brest field (0-3), Abdou Diallo stopped at the Eurosport microphone to return to the match and many other themes: pressing, Pochettino, Neymar or the fact of not take goals.

Julian Draxler has just explained to us that PSG qualified after a controlled match, but not as much as you would have liked. Is that also your vision?
“Yes, yes, we can say that! We like to have possession, to touch the ball, but this evening Brest played very very well. For our part, we were sharp up front and that’s what allowed us to take the lead. It is true that it is a measured joy.

In the first half, we felt you were well in place, but more in management after the break. Is it perhaps because the Barcelona game is already in everyone’s mind?
“I don’t think so, I don’t think so because a lot of players were short of playing time and wanted to prove. So I don’t think it’s a Barcelona issue. We eased off a bit, I don’t know why yet, we’ll watch the video cold to find out, but we fulfilled the contract and that’s the most important. “

This high pressing, very well executed by your team and bringing two goals in the first half is very important for Mauricio Pochettino, right?
“Oh yes (laughs)! We work a lot, a lot, in training. Casually, he’s only been here for a very short time. Even though we’ve played a lot of games since he arrived. We continue to work on this and then it will come. We did it well in first, now we have to manage to do it over 90 minutes. “

PSG are in their 21st clean sheet in 38 games played this season. We imagine that this is very important, especially for you, forming a somewhat new central defense with Danilo Pereira?
“Yes, for us defenders the clean sheet is our personal victory. We’d rather win 1-0 than 3-2 so we’re happy to keep the goal untouched tonight.

Wasn’t it too difficult to be aligned alongside Danilo, with whom you have less reference points?
“We are all high level players, used to playing and all being ready to play. We all work all week for this so there is no excuse and we have to get the job done. “

It’s a great preparation for the match against FC Barcelona. The group seems ready and could benefit from a return of Neymar, who we could see in good form in training, do we believe it?
“Yes yes, he had a great session yesterday so we’ll see how he feels in the next few days. I hope he can be with us. It would be nice for him, I know it is close to his heart so I wish him to be there. “

On your side Abdou, we suppose that you would also like to be able to play against Barça after these last rather busy weeks?
“I was slowed down by the Covid-19, catching it at the wrong time, since I was then going through matches (end of January). That’s life, that’s how it is, we hang on and I hope to play the maximum. “

We have seen that Thilo Kehrer left prematurely, at half-time. Do you know what he has?
“It seems to me that he felt pain in his thigh, I don’t know if it’s the adductor or the hamstrings. He stopped quickly enough not to make his injury worse. He was pro ‘on this one. “

Losing him would be bad news, accumulating to that of Florenzi.
“We have Timothée Pembélé and Colin Dagba and we trust them, they are ready. “

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