Match: The match, the title, the calm of the players, Neymar, Icardi, etc., the complete conf ‘of Pochettino after PSG / OM (2-1)

It is a Mauricio Pochettino satisfied with the match of his players but very calm despite his first title won which appeared in front of the press this Wednesday after the Champions Trophy won against OM. There was question of the match and the themes mentioned above but also quickly of Neymar and Icardi.



Do you agree with André Villas-Boas when he says that the best team was Marseille?

” No. In general, I do not judge the statements of my colleagues. Of course, everyone has their opinion on the game. I played the Champions League final (with Tottenham) against Liverpool, I lost it 2-0, we had a good match but, this kind of match, you have to win them. PSG deserved this victory and I think we had a good game. “

His feeling after his first title?

“I am happy and I thank the players for this performance. I would like to thank PSG, Leonardo, President Nasser for the trust they have placed in me and the opportunity to be here. Thanks to the players. I also thank the previous technical staff and Thomas Tuchel. If we were there today, it is thanks to the titles previously won by Thomas Tuchel and his staff. “

Why he stays so calm after this title:

“I have already celebrated it in the locker room with the staff and the players. Like any coach, we anticipate, we are already in Saturday’s match in Angers. You have to win there to stay at the top of the rankings. We are focused on the championship. The first title is always something special. It will always have a particular taste, but there will be others. The first is always special, and forever. “

The pride of having beaten Marseille for this first title?

“I feel tremendous emotion. It’s hard to find the words to express what I’m feeling. I have been sharing things with my staff for years in various clubs. At Espanyol, Southampon or Tottenham, I came close to certain titles. There, after such a short time in Paris, it is extraordinary and filled with emotions. It’s a crazy emotion, especially at PSG where I played as a player several years ago that made me a better player. It will remain as an even greater satisfaction. “

Happy with what, with your team’s emotional control during the match?

“I’m happy with everything, in general. Football is a whole, controlling the emotional side is part of it. I’m very happy with the way the group that played that game last September approached this game. He showed great control and maturity in approaching the game today. “

Neymar very detached and not in the settling of scores:

“We talked with all the players, not just Neymar, about how to approach him, keeping control of the emotions that you need to have in a shock that everyone wants to play. There is excitement, it’s a derby, but you have to stay in control. Playing these kinds of matches is something we like but I’m very happy with the way they stayed focused in the competition. “

Mauro Icardi, on the 9th to take PSG to the top?

“I’m happy to have more players. We are gradually recovering players and Mauro is one of them. This will bring us competition and raise the level. I’m happy with him but also with Moise Kean. They each have different characteristics, one has more experience. But I looked at the calendar, there will be a lot of games and it’s important to have all the players. “

Progress since your beginnings?

“Yes, we are seeing progress in different sectors, in areas where we want to install our ideas. You can feel it after twelve days of work and three matches in the middle. It is thanks to this group of very intelligent players who have a great ability to adapt. The players have assimilated certain things and we are happy for that. “

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