Mateu Alemany ceases to be the general director of Valencia

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Mateu Alemany has stopped being the general director of Valencia this Thursday. The leader, who reached an agreement in principle to terminate the contract a few days ago, had a meeting in Singapore last week with the largest shareholder of the entity, Peter Lim, to say goodbye. Thus, in the next few days, the termination of the contract will be signed.

The continuity of German was already questioned in the summer, when the leader was annoyed after seeing how the maximum shareholder wanted to expand his powers and absorb the sports field. Alemany, then, was about to leave the club, but he stayed after meeting with Lim in Singapore and thanks, in part, to the good results achieved the previous season and the support of the dressing room and the hobby

Peter Lim threatens the stability of the Valencia project

This season, after the first days the situation worsened with the dismissal of Marcelino as a coach and the arrival of Albert Celades on the bench.

Alemany landed in Valencia in March 2017 and has lived, along with Marcelino García Toral, two full seasons at the club: the team qualified twice for the Champions League, as well as raising the Copa del Rey last year.

Valencia wanted all luck at the professional level in Germany, which had recently sounded as a possible candidate to reinforce Barça's sports structure.

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