Mati Khalifa, Mia’s sister who follows in her footsteps at OnlyFans

Mati Khalifa is the sister of former porn actress Mia Khalifa, and now she’s trying to make her way into the adult industry. The young woman published a very sensual photograph on her social networks showing that he has nothing to envy his relative.


Mati Khalifa, who until now has reached the age of majority, opened her OnlyFans account, where he shares erotic material, like his sister.


Mati Khalifa has very few followers on her social networks, compared to her sister Mia, who already has more than 22.2 million followers on Instagram. However, she hopes to achieve the same level of fame as her older sister.

Mia Khalifa revealed that it is not possible to have all wishes fulfilled at the same time, Well, one of the consequences of having a rhinoplasty to improve your appearance was having to give up exercise for a while.

Through her Instagram account, the now youtuber, shared an image in which she is seen posing with a sports bra and her strong and marked abdomen exposed. There he explained that in order to recover from the procedure in which his nose was operated, he had to stop paying attention to his abdominal exercises for a few weeks.

“I had to sacrifice these abs for a nicer nose during recovery, but they will come back.”said the 27-year-old model.

In addition to this confession, he asked his professional trainer for help to be able to continue doing his intense routine, as well as the gym he frequents, so that he can return to action

According to TMZ, the sports writer underwent an operation that cost approximately $ 15,000 just over a month ago. And, according to sources close to the Lebanese, the decision she made was not recent. According to the portal, Khalifa wanted this operation since he was 14 years old, as it was one of his biggest insecurities.

Mia Khalifa (Photo: Instagram @ miakhalifa)
Mia Khalifa (Photo: Instagram @ miakhalifa)

Through her social network, the porn ex-actress kept her followers updated and explained that although surgery is something she has wanted for a long time, she did not want to completely lose her essence and the prominent nose that has characterized her. This is because it is one of the characteristics of its country of origin, so I only seek a softer and more refined appearance.

“What I loved about @scarlessnose was that Dr. Dugar and I were on the same page about maintaining my strong Middle Eastern nose, just softening it up to make it more feminine. I can’t wait to show you the result !! #ScarlessNose #NotHidingBehindATree “commented

Despite everything, Khalifa expressed that he wishes his followers do not have unrealistic expectations about the physique of the women they see on the networks and even compared his own physique to that of a kitchen utensil, in an effort to dissuade his followers Regarding a future surgical intervention for aesthetic purposes:

“By the way, being transparent about this was never a question. You shouldn’t idolize the women you see on social media and base your self-esteem on unrealistic comparisons. If you’ve ever looked at my boobs and you want yours to look like this, please remember that mine is made of the same material as the spatula in your kitchen drawer, ”she added.

Previously, Khalifa had spoken about how insecure he was about his weight. All these meetings were something that pushed her into the porn industry, as she received validation from the people who worked there.

“I think the reason I entered is because I had very low self-esteem. When I started to receive some validation from the people who worked there, I felt like I had to do everything I could to stick with it, so I did it more than once as if it was not just a video, “he told Evie magazine.

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