Mats Hummels: That’s why he canceled his “Jerks” appearance

Cathy should be there too
Christian Ulmen reveals: That is why Mats Hummels canceled his “Jerks” performance

Mats Hummels canceled his “Jerks” appearance

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The new season “Jerks” again promises many moments of mutual shame. Apparently one person didn’t want to be there as a guest star: Mats Hummels. Christian Ulmen explained why in a podcast.

As a guest star in the comedy series “Jerks” you have to be prepared to become a joke from time to time – while playing yourself. Rapper Sido, for example, was addicted to masked porn on the show. And ex-soccer star Arne Friedrich confessed after the shooting: “Since the series I haven’t been ashamed at all.”

“Jerks”: Mats and Cathy Hummels should play along

“Jerks” is now so legendary that German stars apply for a cameo. So also BVB player Mats Hummels, who absolutely wanted to be part of the current season. “It was like that he really applied and we talked to each other,” explains Christian Ulmen in the Prisma podcast “Hallo!” about the correspondence with the athlete.

But Hummels backed down. “Now it also makes sense to me that his decision to do that was the right one. We actually wrote such a marriage-betrayal story for him,” says Ulmen with a laugh.

Marriage cheating story

The actor reveals that Hummels’ wife Cathy should have played with him in “Jerks”. In the script it was stated that she was cheating on him “permanently”, reveals Ulmen, “and he doesn’t notice it”. “It would have been difficult in terms of timing if it had been published now. So it would be great, but it was too hard for him,” says Ulmen.

“Fahri would have loved that,” he says, revealing that his co-star Fahri Yardim is responsible for star recruitment. “Nah, I’m too much of a person for that, humanist,” he replies in the podcast. “That’s up to them now, they have to go through it. I wish them all the best and also the child,” says the man from Hamburg, alluding to the ongoing rumors about the marriage of Mats and Cathy Hummels.

Jerks is the name of the new series with Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardim

Hummels had already canceled his appearance in December last year. “That is a phenomenon that we experience very often. That celebrities get in touch and absolutely want to play in ‘Jerks’. Then they read a script and cancel,” Ulmen said at the time to “Watson”.

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