Matteo Renzi endangers the Conte government

“The management of the pandemic alone, the game of democracy not respected, insufficiently ambitious projects to rebuild the country …”, These are the grievances of Matteo Renzi addressed to the man he wants to overthrow, Giuseppe Conte, at his press conference on Wednesday, January 13, and for which he is launching a political crisis in Italy, by resigning the ministers of agriculture and of the family from his party.

Renzi is ambiguous

Will he go so far as to bring about the fall of the coalition government (5-star Movement-Democratic Party-Italia Viva), by withdrawing the 18 “renzien” senators, essential for Giuseppe Conte to keep his majority? On this point, Renzi remains ambiguous. His loyal parliamentarians have not budged, nor have they called for Conte’s resignation.

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One foot out, one foot in… What is Matteo Renzi looking for, whose party receives less than 3% of the voting intentions, but weighs its weight in Parliament? Does he seek to exist? Likely. It remains to understand the deep meaning of a crisis which, formally, will not begin until after the vote on the rectification of the finance law.

“Said bluntly, it’s a big money question!” explains the political scientist Giovanni Orsina, Renzi has a unique opportunity to forge new networks, to bring lobby groups to work in his favor. This opportunity is the recovery plan which provides for the granting by the European Union of 222 billion euros to Italy. He goes all out to place men close to him at the head of the management of projects that will condition the future of the country. ” The demolisher-builder has already succeeded in having the copy of the plan presented by Giuseppe Conte modified, who had to agree to strengthen investments in infrastructure, education and health. But it’s not enough.

How to get out of the tunnel?

Except that Giuseppe Conte is not prepared to negotiate yet to change the plan. « Italia Viva has taken on the serious responsibility of causing a crisis in the midst of a pandemic! “, he thundered on Wednesday, January 13, at the cabinet meeting that followed his meeting with the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

“At the current stage, it is impossible to know how Guiseppe Conte will try to get out of the tunnel, says constitutional law expert Nicola Lupo. He can ask for a vote of confidence in Parliament to check if he gets enough votes. Or hand his mandate directly into the hands of the Head of State who could send it back to the Chambers with a reshuffled team. But we cannot rule out the hypothesis of a new prime minister with a government of national unity until the end of the legislature in 2023. The option of an early return to the polls must also be taken into consideration. “

What the right-wing parties are asking for. But according to polls, 55% of voters would vote in favor of keeping Giuseppe Conte, whose popularity rating remains the highest of all politicians.


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