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The mayor of Providencia, Evelyn matthei, insisted on comparing the tender of luminaires of Recoleta and that of your municipality.

The commune chief since yesterday who has used her Twitter account to detail her suspicions about the tender won by the company Itelecom in the commune led by Daniel Jadue.

This company is investigated for possible corruption in several municipalities and, specifically in Recoleta, a possible triangulation of money between the manager of the company, Marcelo Lefort, Jadue and his lawyer, Ramón Sepúlveda.

Yesterday, Matthei compared how much your commune spent in the replacement of luminaires versus what was spent by Recoleta. “I share the difference in costs, so that you can form an opinion. Unfortunately, many communes will have to explain the high public spending that they incurred and that today is being investigated by the courts, ”he said.

As exhibited, Recoleta paid more than $ 10,259 million for 13,156 lights, with a cost of almost $ 780 thousand for each one. Meanwhile, Providencia spent more than $ 1,429 billion for 10,536 luminaires, that is, more than $ 135 thousand for each one.

In response, Mayor Jadue pointed out to 24 Horas that the difference lies in the fact that they paid the most luminaires maintenance for 10 years, which included replacing the bulbs for damage.

“If Mayor Matthei doesn’t understand the difference between a purchase and a ten-year maintenance purchase, I will I don’t know if it’s bad intention or supine ignorance“He added.

However, Matthei took the glove and replied that his commune has maintenance for 4 years at a cost of $ 731 per fixture.

For this reason, it published a simulation of how much Recoleta would have spent under the terms that Providencia tendered. According to Matthei, said amount for 10 years would be just over $ 2,939 million.

Evelyn Matthei and Twitter

It is worth mentioning that both Jadue and Matthei are presidential candidatesof the Communist Party and the UDI, respectively.

Itelecom, the company that won the tender in Recoleta and is being investigated for corruption, was reported to the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office by Matthei herself, this after the company participated in the tender for her commune with acts that raised her suspicions.

Finally, inform that the Recoleta municipality has indicated that Itelecom won the tender for being the most convenient offer.


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