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Mauricio Leal: his brother Jhoiner talks about the death of the stylist – Investigative Unit

Nine days after finding the lifeless bodies of his brother, Mauricio Leal, and his mother, Marleny HernándezIn the house where he lived with them on the road to La Calera, Jhoiner Leal speaks for the first time about the double death that shook a circle of the national elite last Monday, November 22.

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In exclusive dialogue with EL TIEMPO live, he gave unpublished details of what happened that day at 2:40 in the afternoon, when he returned to the luxurious house at kilometer 6 of the Via la Calera.

Letter Mauricio Leal

This is the letter that was found next to the two bodies.

Also counted what was the last thing his mom and brother said to him, and about the supposed suicide letter that appeared next to the corpses.

“I love you, forgive me, I can’t take it anymore. To my nephews and brother I leave everything, with all my love; forgive me, mom, 11:24 ”, he said.

The stylist’s brother, both from Cartago (Valle), He said whether or not that was the handwriting of Mauricio Leal.

Johnier, beauty professional just like his younger brother, He agreed to speak in addition to the disease suffered by the so-called ‘Genius Child’ of the famous, who spent 15 years medicated, and the joint projects they had.

He even agreed to describe the kind of pain I felt and the fact that the doctors had not been able to establish the origin.

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In the interview, which you can see on video, he also answered whether it is true that one of the corpses had a knife embedded in them. In addition to the joint projects he had with his brother.

Jhoiner Leal, brother of Mauricio Leal

Jhoiner Leal, Mauricio Leal’s older brother, has already interviewed the Prosecutor’s Office as a witness.


Investigative Unit

He also confirmed to this newspaper that He has already given a statement to the Prosecutor’s Office as a witness, as well as other members of the stylist’s environment, such as some of his closest workers and his personal driver, who was also there on the day of the events.

In addition, he said that it is false that there was entered through a window and that the events had been recorded after 4 in the afternoon.

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He also rejected that evidence had been leaked and that media other than EL TIEMPO tried to link him to an event that has his family dismayed, to the employees of the hairdresser and to the legacy of Mauricio Leal.

What is known?

Mauricio Leal's hair salon

Leal and his mother were the managers of the prosperous hairdresser.

As revealed by EL TIEMPO this weekend, forensic doctors and investigators from the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office are trying to establish whether the scene found in one of the rooms of Mauricio Leal’s house was a double homicide or the simultaneous suicide of the Leal Hernández .

There are two key clues to establishing what was really happened with the modest barber of Carthage, Valle, who became a favorite of actors, queens, models, singers and members of the so-called local elite.

Before the burial, investigators came to his renowned hairdresser, located on 81st Street with Carrera 12, north of Bogotá, to interview people who had recent contact with the victims.


Érika Sanguinetti, Jhoiner Leal’s lawyer, is part of the legal team in charge of the legal processes of the double death and of Mauricio’s company.

Érika Sanguinetti, lawyer who is part of the legal team de Jhonier, and who was the attorney in commercial affairs for Mauricio, said that for now they do not plan to take action for the leakage of probative material to the media.

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What’s more, that he will continue to be aware of the legal processes and the company as well as the double death.

On December 1, the doors of Mauricio’s hairdresser will be reopened, in the north of Bogotá, which has been closed since the day of the events.

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