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Mauricio Macri’s strange explanation about his prosecution for illegal espionage | “You don’t even believe it,” he told a Chilean journalist

“You don’t even believe it”. That was Mauricio’s strange explanation when a journalist from Chile asked him about on his prosecution for the illegal espionage of relatives of the ARA San Juan. Despite his legal problems, the former president is still traveling, this time in the trans-Andean country, where he traveled to fulfill commitments in his role as president of the FIFA Foundation, although he also took the opportunity to take a photo with Sebastián Piñera and give his support to the candidate. far-right José Antonio Kast.

It was precisely after his visit to Piñera that several journalists approached the former president to obtain testimony about him. prosecution that Judge Martín Bava dictated this Wednesday for allegedly spying on relatives of the 44 sailors who died in the sinking of the military submarine ARA San Juan in 2017, when he was head of state. “The illegal practices that are aired in this resolution take us back to the darkest times of our country,” said Bava on the basis of his decision. He also specified that “it was Mauricio Macri who not only allowed those illegal tasks (espionage) to be carried out, but also used that information to make decisions.”

In this regard, Macri said that the cause is actually about “a political persecution”. “More uncomfortable for the Argentine Justice itself is having judges like Judge (Martín) Bava,” he added. Then, he finished: “You don’t even believe it.” “Please, please”, He said and closed the door of the car that would take him to the airport to return to Argentina.

Previously, another journalist had asked him about his departure from the country despite the judicial restriction applied by the judge in the case, to which the former president ironically: “Luckily I am returning to Argentina, there is no problem, I live there.”

Another interlocutor consulted him for the “Embargo of a million dollars (sic) that Justice also applied to him”, to the Which Macri responded: “And well, we will comply until we have to appeal.”

During your visit to Chile, Macri met with President Sebastián Piñera at the La Moneda Palace in the trans-Andean capital, and advised its Chilean citizens to “take care of what they have,” in what was read as a nod to the candidacy of far-right José Antonio Kast for the December 19 presidential ballot.


Mauricio Macri was processed this Wednesday without preventive detention, but with an embargo of 100 million pesos on his assets, by the federal judge of Dolores Martín Bava, who considered the leader of Juntos por el Cambio (JxC) as “author “of illegal espionage against the relatives of the victims of the submarine ARA San Juan.

After analyzing the evidence and taking a statement, Bava considered that “prima facie” Macri is “criminally responsible for the crime of carrying out intelligence actions prohibited as an author by virtue of having made possible the production of illegal intelligence tasks.”

The ruling also establishes that the former president will not be able to leave the country, a measure that will govern when Macri returns from Chile. In turn, it establishes “rules of conduct” that provide that “You may not be absent from your usual place of residence for a term greater than ten days without prior notice to the court.”.

Now, Macri’s defense by Pablo Lanusse has ten days to appeal to the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata. For now, in the case there are already 12 defendants.


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