Mauricio Pochettino, a leader on the PSG bench

Coach Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t have a single track record and yet he won the World Cup. The new coach of Paris-Saint-Germain once received from the hands of his captain, a certain Hugo Lloris, the replica of the trophy won by the goalkeeper of the Blues in the summer of 2018. A gift that brings the following assertion: how do we recognize the value of a coach, and therefore by extension the value of the man under this cloak, if not starting from the opening, the words and actions of his former players. From Mauricio Pochettino, new Paris-Saint-Germain coach, Englishman Dele Alli, 24, says: “I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and Pochettino has helped me every time. I can’t thank him enough. When I heard the news [de son limogeage du banc de Tottenham en novembre 2019, ndlr], I was very upset. The next day, I went to see him. For a discussion with friends. ”

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The old Blue Morgan Schneiderlin, who rubbed shoulders with him in Southampton: “He’s the best coach I’ve ever had, period. Already, in his physical preparation, he makes the players work like dogs, we were all dead. It happened to us to have aches the day before or even the morning of matches. We said to ourselves “How are we going to be able to play like that?”, And finally, it passes. “

In May, Mauricio Pochettino confided at Guardian be waiting “An attractive project” : “It’s all about the club and, of course, about people, about the human dimension.” The 48-year-old Argentine, who is said to be courted by all the top Europeans, therefore bet on PSG, as much as Doha on the Argentine. His task will be complex: Thomas Tuchel, fired by the Qataris despite a Champions League final under Covid in August, revealed in an interview broadcast on Wednesday that he did not succeed in gauging the color of his cap: politician? Doha agent? Coach?

Headband and helmet shots

In Paris, Pochettino arrives with his two historic assistants, the Spaniard Jesus Perez and the Argentinian Miguel D’Agostino. He will have to boost Neymar, Mbappé & Co the esprit de corps that made his former teams. A collective dependence that we felt in sparks at Tuchel’s Paris (the return match against Borussia Dortmund, more broadly the rest of the last European campaign).

It’s a return to the Park for the Argentine: before being the coach, the ex-defender was captain of PSG. Cites his coach at the time, Luis Fernandez, as a source of inspiration. Two seasons (2001-2003), a hairy grinta, encircled by a headband as we see more, a few saving helmet shots: the Parisian supporters remember it. Already: a leader of men. In the team, about this natural authority, the good man declaimed: “Leadership comes from the ability to be spontaneous, natural and to share with the group rather than wanting to impose one’s point of view. When I talk about adaptation, I am talking about the ability to adapt to the personalities that make up one’s group. ” Still, at PSG, that’s not enough.

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