Mauritania: government list of PM Mohamed Ould Bilal – Xinhua

NOUAKCHOTT, Aug.9 (Xinhua) – Here is the list of the Mauritanian government of new Prime Minister Mohamed Ould Bilal, formed this Sunday:

– Minister of Justice: Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Cheikh Abdoullah Ould Boya

– Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Mauritanians Abroad: Ismaël Ould Cheikh Ahmed

– Minister of National Defense: Hanenna Ould Sidi

– Minister of the Interior and Decentralization: Dr. Ahmed Salem Ould Merzoug

– Minister of Economy, Industry and Promotion of Productive Sectors: Mr. Ousmane Mamoudou Kane

– Minister of Finance: Mohamed Lemine Ould Dhéhbi

– Minister of Islamic Affairs and Original Education: Dah Ould Sidi Ould Amar Taleb

– Minister of National Education, Technical Training and Reform: Aïnina Ould Eyih

– Minister of Petroleum, Mines and Energy: Abdessalem Ould Mohamed Saleh

– Minister of Public Service, Labor and Modernization of Administration: Dr. Camara Mohamed Saloum

– Minister of Health: Nédhirou Ould Ahmed

– Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy: Abdel Aziz Ould Dahi

– Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism: Naha Mint Hamdy Ould Mouknass

– Minister of Housing, Town Planning and Regional Planning: Khadijettou Mint Bouka

– Minister of Rural Development: Dy Ould Zein

– Minister of Equipment and Transport: Mohamedou Ould M’Haïmid

– Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation: Sidi Ahmed Ould Ahmed

– Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research, Information and Communication Technologies, government spokesperson: Dr. Sidi Ould Salem

– Minister of Culture, Crafts and Relations with Parliament: Lemrabott Ould Bennahi

– Minister of Employment, Youth and Sports: Taleb Ould Sid’Ahmed

– Minister of Social Affairs, Children and Families: Naha Mint Haroune Ould Cheikh Sidiya

– Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development: Mariem Bekaye

– Minister Secretary General of the Government: Ahmedou Tdjane Thiam.

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