Max Natthaphon Yuen is accepting Mook Worranit, now he is a girlfriend. Deceive the Jin Y fans.

Max Natthaphon Yuen is accepting Mook Worranit, now he is a girlfriend. Deceive the Jin Y fans.

Make the fans a big buzz behind the young actress. Mook Woranit Thawornwong Hands down the figure of sweet close together. With the beloved young actor “Max Natthaphon Diloknawarit” It’s a picture of the man embracing the pearl girl from behind in a spa room. Before deleting the image This event made fans wonder if they were together or not. This event also has a drama following. After fans see that the relationship between Young Max with his partner Jintulpakorn Closer than friends Causing many fans to be disappointed quite a bit

latest Young Max Come and join the launch event of nutritional supplements BUILD ME by LUCA ‘BUILD at Emporium Shopping Center, Sukhumvit 24 on March 17, 64. I accept that she is a true pearl woman. Since the end of last year Impressed with lovely women Personally close to Mook’s sister “Mek Jirakit Thawornwong” Already

Asked about the picture and the pearl that came off?
“Is that Nong intends to promote for 5 pictures of the spa and then have one that has been attached to me As soon as he went down there was a stream of drama. Mistaken for a spa But it is another place that is not appropriate. So I better delete it. “

What really is our relationship with Mook?
“We are in a relationship (embarrassed)”

Call a girlfriend, right?
“Yes, for I feel that the word for each person’s girlfriend is different. I don’t want to limit Because each person may be like the word “girlfriend must be like this” Or at this stage you have to be a girlfriend For me, the younger is the woman that I want to take the best care of right now that we are dating. “

What was the origin of the relationship?
“Actually, I am already friends with Mook’s brother, Mek. I have known clouds for a long time. And knew that Mook was the younger brother of Mek When meeting her in the past, I never talked about personal matters. You just raise your hand to pay homage to me. Asking when they were together For a while not long ago Let’s start with the discussion about the course. After that, we started talking about the end of last year. During that time, I made sure that I had no one. And the younger has no one “

Saw where the fans took a picture of the wrong thing about our same dress?
“Yes, some of them are like that. But some of them may not be “

If there is no image coming out Choose to close the relationship first. Or will it be revealed later?
“I want to be more confident. I feel that his sister has encountered a lot. I feel that this is a matter of time. And want to honor both my younger brother and myself “

Are you afraid that the leaked image will damage the pearl?
“When I go to tease you The resulting image might not look good. I really apologize because it was me who teased you. But at the spa, there were all the elders over there. It is not a private area, there are staff members who take care of the spa. “

The image that came out was the hand blown?
“Actually, Nong intends to promote the spa But accidentally got me stuck with a picture “

Where do we click?
“She is a cute person (smiling). I like that he cares. After studying and talking, he actually pays attention to very little details, like when there was a funeral for someone who knew me, sent a wreath. My sister suggested that you take a bucket of water with you. In order to donate water buckets to donate a portion of charity for the dead as well I feel that it is a very cute care. “

Have you consulted him first that today we will tell others that it is a girlfriend?
“Talk to each other. I think there is nothing to hide. “

Have you talked about who will come out first?
“Didn’t talk to each other that much I want it to be a matter of time. If something will happen, it will have to happen. “

In which he was in the bruised phase Make it easier for us to enter?
“Better not look at that. I just look at talking and we respect each other. “

We started flirting with him first, right?
“Yes (embarrassed)”

Confirm that we are not in any overlap?
“I am sure there is no certainty. As if it was gradual to suit the feelings “

Are you afraid of the effects of the fans?
“Well, there was a flow earlier that Max Tul was a fake, fake, fake couple. I would like to say that it is not true. What happened to Max Tul is that I really love Phi Tun. It is my relationship with P’Tun for the 6 years that we have been together. He is a very important person to me. What is the front of the camera and the back of the camera? We never change I see how I look at him as a more relationship. For me, he is a family. No matter what I’m confident that nothing will change Max Tul’s relationship. “

Who said that love Libra is what kind of love?
“Family He’s really more than that. “

The impact of the fan club also affects our hearts?
“I believe that people who are fans who know Maxtul He will really love what Max Tul is. “

Is it to ruin the house of Jin Max Tulong?
“No, I am confident because of who we are. We never lie to our fans. We are sincere with everyone all along. We really love each other like this, whether off-screen, on-screen. I still play with him and hug him. Usually, we still work together for 6 years and never fight. “

Do you have love counseling?
“Talk. He is a very supportive person, giving me a lot of courage.” How did the debut with Mook make the fans feel? “I think that people understand. I think I am sincere with everyone, no matter whoever. “

What about people who don’t understand?

“I am also very sorry. (Raising your hands to pay respect) is something I want everyone to understand. I understand everyone I do not think blaming anyone. “

What do you want to tell them about?
“I am sure that I and Brother Tul are the most sincere since the first day we have been together until today, 6 years ago.”

Are you more comfortable now?
“Personally, I feel that it may not be that much. I felt that it was gradually going on and on. I asked if the pressure was not. I didn’t do anything bad. “

Do you feel that we are getting stronger?
“As for starting out, I like being more natural. Now I am happy. “

Since there is a news stream, how have you talked to the joke?
“Talk and consult with each other I will be the most sincere. “

What is his family saying?
“His family encourages him. In fact, I am already friends with Mek. I think I have always been sincere. No matter who you are with He is cute to me. “

Do Clouds help connect too?
“Not at all, I can tell the cloud directly, if there is anything, talk to him directly, it is a normal fit and it is gradually growing.”

The moment Cloud knew that we were going to flirt with his sister. What did he say?
“Seriously, I haven’t asked for clouds yet. I think Cloud already knows my innocence (smile). Let me say a little bit. I want everyone to honor elder Tul. Because sometimes things happen I want you to know that the two of us Never really thought of deceitful, and the previous interviews said that Max Tul is a girlfriend Or not a girlfriend I really want to go and see what the meaning is. If you go to watch the full clip, you’ll understand it all. Because nowadays, I still love Phi Tul as before. However, nothing can change what Max and Tun are able to be. “

Are we serious about the news of the genre deceiving the world?
“I understand everyone. We have the right to comment. Or express your feelings to someone But I want to tell everyone that we are really sincere, not wanting to take advantage of the love our fans have for us. We really love each other and have always been. And intend to work on every piece Intend to do ourselves For the family and the fans. ”Is there a couple work that needs to be done together? I don’t have any problems. ”Are you afraid that it will affect your next couple’s work?” I understand everyone. But I still insist the same No matter what, it will not change. “

4 thoughts on “Max Natthaphon Yuen is accepting Mook Worranit, now he is a girlfriend. Deceive the Jin Y fans.”

  1. Max is a liar. He lied to fans saying Tul was his boyfriend when he is not! He did it to gain money and fame. Lied to the LGBT community inferring that they were a couple in countless LGBT news outlets and magazine, interviews.
    Max is a disgusting individual who wants fans to accept his “Fake relationship with Tul” so he can continue to make money, while going out with an individual who has been associated with just about every BL scandal I can think of.
    The main thing “Max and Tul” had going from other BL actors is fans really thought they fell in love and were a couple unlike all the other fake BL couples. Since there is nothing special about them, fans should move on to the honest BL couples like “OffGun”. At least they tells us flat out “we done everything couples do, except have sex with each other…”. There a fun couple to watch and we know that they are fake, with Off teasing that maybe someday it will be real with Gun?? Although, everyone knows that Off has had many girlfriends…..

    Max did not need to LIE.

    • i think even in fan meeting, they werenot that much close to each other. they usually dont touch or show any romantic manner… because i saw MewGulf… although i dont believe them too…

  2. Honestly as a fans its natural feel hurt special if there’s a issue about this I like max and tul it’s like a real couple . sometimes we wish that hope this love team is going up in a true relationship like max said he have a relationship in tul is true . But now he have a girlfriend we understand as a fan if from the very start you tell the true that is sweetness that you see its only for work nothing mean of this .
    And As fan also we all know that all BL drama is only fake relationship because in off cam they have a real relationship so lets move on guys just give respect of them .


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