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Maxim Galkin told how Harry and Lisa were jealous of the heroes of the show “Better in

The showman is raising two children from Alla Pugacheva.

Maxim Galkin with children Harry and Lisa. Photo: instagram.com/maxgalkinru/

Channel One celebrates the fifth anniversary of the family show “Best of All!” Maksim Galkin… On this program, the showman’s own children grew up – Lisa and Harry are now eight years old.

Coming to Ivan Urgant, husband Alla PugachevoHe immediately received a question from the humorist: are his little heirs jealous of those children whom he generously praises in his broadcast to the whole country?

“They see that you are sitting there, the child is in front of you, and you are there“ bye-bye-bye, by-by-bye ”. And then you come home, and your son says to you: “How dare you, father?” Urgant asked the guest half in jest.

Maxim Galkin and Ivan Urgant. Shot from the show “Evening Urgant” / Channel One

To which Galkin did not deny – it was like that. Although their children and Alla Borisovna are too well brought up to say this directly, they still try to switch the dad’s attention from other people’s children to themselves: “When they were very young, they were 2-3 years old, at first they tried in every possible way to distract me from what is happening on the screen. “

Lisa and Harry Galkin. Photo: instagram.com/maxgalkinru/

“At first I could not understand, Alla explained to me later: they also want to show that they are also worth something. They see that dad is telling some children that they are the best, that they are wonderful.

And these people begin to worry and also begin to build something from improvised means, invent, do some somersaults, and sing. And all this is happening simultaneously with what is happening on the screen, “- said the artist.

After that, Galkin began to praise his children more often right during the broadcast and even invited them to come and take part in the program. To which his son replied in an adult way: “Dad, what’s the point? Do you know all our talents, how will we surprise you? “

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