“May 11, it will not be for us, in Ehpad”

Containment takes place over time, and we have to try to lighten it in one way or another, to keep it bearable. Since Friday, we have therefore organized very short outings, each early afternoon, in the Ehpad park. The residents go out one by one, with a mask, without meeting anyone. Even if these outings are very short, between 5 and 10 minutes, we feel that it does them a lot of good.

Just having the feeling of the sun on their skin, or feeling a little breeze is like a release, a few minutes of joy, of smiling. For Easter, the animators, who never work on weekends, came to see the residents and distributed chocolates to them. A way for them to try to give benchmarks over time.

How long will it last? It’s impossible to really know. When I heard the date of May 11, I was very divided: both it is an indication that it is moving forward, and at the same time I am very reserved. Obviously, we have to revive the economy, but at the same time, are we not risking lowering our guard and having a rebound in the epidemic? To circulate the virus again, especially in the most fragile people?

I think it will take a long time to lighten things up. But it is clear that May 11, it will not be for us, in Ehpad. I’m not sure how we can, for example, keep the music festival, which is a highlight in the life of the Ehpad, every June 21. I also don’t know if we can organize outdoor outings. It’s clear that the coming summer will be like no other.


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