Mayne-Nicholls’ ‘hidden’ salary: Mosa’s move that infuriates in B&N

The July 29 board meeting was one of the most tense in Black and White in memory. That day, the members of the public limited company met for five hours and 45 minutes to discuss the conflict over the Colo Colo shirt and also – the highlight of the day – vote on the ratification of the functions of Harold Mayne-Nicholls in the directory. That is, to determine if it should continue to receive remuneration close to the $ 8 million a month for performing various executive functions. The answer was negative. The idea was rejected and the former ANFP lost his salary and only receiving the diet of 25 UF per month ($ 717 thousand), which corresponds to the directors, but which is suspended for this year, due to the economic crisis.

In favor of the journalist’s continuity in office, were Aníbal Mosa, Alejandro Ascuí and the two representatives of the Social Club, Edmundo Valladares and José Miguel Sanhueza (Mayne-Nicholls did not vote). While Alfredo Stöhwing, Carlos Cortés, Diego González and Ángel Maulén opposed, reliving the historical difference of the two blocks. “He was assigned tasks in relation to the possible redevelopment of the stadium, international contacts and other things that I do not remember at the moment. And those things, as a result of the situation we are experiencing, disappeared. In addition, we have the financial difficulties that we are experiencing. At the time, it seemed to us that there were no functions to perform as executive vice president, nor was there justified compensation ” stated Stöhwing in an interview with La Tercera.

Despite being deprived of his salary, Mayne-Nicholls expressed his willingness to continue. Even, according to those present at the meeting, he asked that this issue not be discussed again. Days later, On August 21, his resignation from the Estadio Colo-Colo Real Estate Agency, precisely the entity in charge of channeling the projects related to the remodeling of the Monumental which was presented with great fanfare a year ago. In that branch, the journalist served as president. However, and despite the fact that many took this situation as a logical consequence due to the lack of resources that made it unfeasible to continue with this project, Hannibal Meuse had a letter in store: the hiring of Harold himself as an advisor to the plan.

Thus, the former head of the company went on to fulfill a technical role, less than a month after having resigned as president. The contract will be for 166 gross UF per month ($ 4,763,280), paid with funds from the Real Estate Agency for a period of one year, renewable for another 12 months. The decision caused outrage among the opposition to Meuse bloc and it was Stöhwing himself who sent a letter of protest, with a copy to both boards, considering the situation as a loophole to circumvent the board’s agreement. In fact, Stöhwing is also part of the Colo-Colo Stadium table, just like Mosa.

In the letter, the commercial engineer questions that a subsidiary derived from Blanco y Negro pays a director, whose remuneration had already been rejected by the parent company, which from his point of view, would take the spirit of the rules. In addition, he explains that, for a trip abroad, he made the request to postpone the extraordinary real estate directory of September 1, in which the election of the president and the remodeling project of the Monumental were discussed. The request was denied and the meeting was held anyway. There the decision was made to elect Daniel Morón as president and the arrival of Mayne-Nicholls as advisor was unanimously approved by those present.

Among the arguments that Stöhwing mentions, is the fact that the commission in charge of the remodeling of the Monumental has not been terminated. This committee, created by Blanco y Negro, is made up of Stöhwing and chaired by Marcelo Barticciotto and also made up of Ignacio Franjola, Edmundo Valladares, Diego González and Mayne-Nicholls. In fact, one of the first decisions was to hire, at the suggestion of the latter, the architect Claudia Silva, a specialist in stadium construction, which is why, in his opinion, hiring a new advisor is not justified.

The situation puts more and more stress on the troubled table, while the financial part of the institution does not improve either. At least, sportingly, he had a little respite with last night’s victory, 2-1, against Peñarol, for the Copa Libertadores.

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