Mayor Cynthia Viteri asks the Government to come to bring COVID-19 vaccines; doctors and entities of Guayaquil support | Guayaquil |

Doctors indicated that they are ‘against the clock’ before a possible hospital collapse

February 18, 2021 – 9:40 p.m.

Due to the delayed COVID-19 vaccination process carried out by the Government and given the considerable increase in cases and deaths due to the latest mobilizations, the Municipality of Guayaquil together with productive unions and doctors asked President Lenín Moreno this Thursday for a free pass to acquire vaccines to protect risk personnel in the city.

The Ministry of Health (MSP) confirmed that it has 18 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines insured, which will cover 60% of the population. However, productive unions detail that the arrival of the rest of the doses is uncertain and it is necessary to act urgently, in the short term, to avoid more deaths due to the virus, more sick people and complicating the situation.

Mayor Cynthia Viteri explained that the outlook for the city and the country is very complex due to the upturn in sick people due to electoral mobilizations and carnival and that the only way out is to be able to vaccinate citizens to lower the risk of a new hospital collapse such as it was lived in March and April, during the health crisis.

The pandemic is not attacked in hospitals, in ICUs, it is in the streets, in neighborhoods, directly, with the prevention of the disease”, He declared.

The event was attended by representatives of the Guayaquil Charitable Board, the Association of Private Clinics and Hospitals of Ecuador, the Guayas Medical College, the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce, the Guayaquil Chamber of Industries and Construction, the Chamber of de Turismo del Guayas, among others.

They supported the initiative of the Municipality of Guayaquil and signed the agreement to request that the vaccines be purchased immediately.

Raúl Alcívar, president of the Association of Private Clinics and Hospitals of Ecuador (Achpe), explained that there is fear of what is coming in the coming weeks with the pandemic, because at the moment they are 100% in hospitalization and Unit care Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“The process has been slow, the success of a vaccination process is agility because we are against time, that is why the request, because with the government’s management there have been 36 doses for each clinic or hospital and it is not covered people involved in COVID-19 care ”.

“There are doctors, nurses, assistants, technologists and more professionals who at the national level are more than 1,500 people and in Guayaquil there are more than a thousand people. At the Alcívar clinic, about twelve doctors who have not gotten sick have been vaccinated and also reviewing their vulnerability, ”he explained.

Viteri added that it will not necessarily be the vaccine that the Government brings, which is simpler, less difficult to preserve. If time and strains continue to pass, we will speak with Urvaseo, metropolitans, Justice and Surveillance, how many, if the Government gives us free rein, we will begin with the review of the sectors.

She explained that the Municipality of Guayaquil would be in charge of vaccinating its personnel who work in the health area, workers and other officials who are exposed to contagion due to their work, as well as vulnerable people who are exposed and who have no way to pay. these doses.

And that the various chambers would also do it with the personnel they have, in order to guarantee the productivity of the city that is necessary in this economic crisis, added to the complexity of the pandemic.

In the request it was detailed that the Government would regulate the quality of the vaccine and control the price, so as not to have inconveniences in the process and to be able to protect more lives.

Doctors said they wait for a positive response to start this process which is against the clock, because fourteen people die every day from COVID-19 in Guayaquil, according to the registry of clinics, hospitals and cemeteries. (I)

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