Mayor of Aguadilla will appeal order to begin transition

The mayor of Aguadilla, Yanitsia Irizarry Méndez, reported that her team of lawyers will initiate an appeal process after the ruling issued by the Aguadilla Court of First Instance where she orders the start of the transition process in the municipality.

Irizarry Méndez pointed out that there are “many differences and incidents between the case of the municipality of San Juan and the municipality of Aguadilla” that the Court of Aguadilla “many differences and incidents between the case of the municipality of San Juan and the municipality of Aguadilla”, between them, that San Juan was not a municipality with a vote count.

“The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz was not going to re-election; and unlike Aguadilla, in the capital the advanced and embedded votes had been counted in their entirety. Additionally, the Aguadilla Court did not hold a hearing between the parties involved to discuss the allegations included in the demand of the opposition candidate for the current mayor of Aguadilla, “read his written communication.

According to data from the Puerto Rico State Elections Commission on the night of the election event, the current mayor of Aguadilla was left with a difference of 75 votes (8,760 vs. 8,685) against her opposition candidate, which orders a recount of all ballots and votes carried out in the municipality on the day of the general lessons.

“The vote count in Aguadilla has not yet finished. The panorama is totally different from the situation that occurred in the municipality of San Juan, where there was a wide margin of thousands of votes among the winning candidate Lcdo. Miguel Romero and the opponent from another game. I understand that it would be irresponsible, even when it is not known for sure who would be the winner in Aguadilla, to put in the hands of a group of people outside the city council sensitive information of the municipality, personal information of public employees, private persons, including information on negotiations between federal agencies and the Aguadilla Mayor’s Office. I understand the desperation of my opposition candidate and his work team, but the people of Aguadilla deserve respect and transparency in the electoral process. And that will happen when the last vote is counted, and the State Elections Commission finally announces the winner, ”said Irizarry.

In his decision, Aguadilla Superior Judge Miguel Trabal Cuevas established that both transition committees should begin transition meetings on December 4 at 1:00 in the afternoon.


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