Mayor of Iquique accuses little aid for migration

“If it happens in Santiago, the borders will close”: Mayor of Iquique accuses little help due to migration

This Wednesday, The Government announced a series of measures to face the complex migratory situation that exists in the north of the country, mainly in Iquique., A city that has become a temporary shelter for all foreigners who come to the country, generating a series of confrontations between citizens.

The mayor of the commune, Mauricio Soria, he assured in conversation with him 24 Hours Channel that “we Iquiqueños live with migration day by day, that is not a problem. The problem is due to the lack of control that exists on the country’s border. The image that has been given of the city is not correct, it is not one of those few people who burned belongings“.

“If it happens in Santiago, the borders will close”: Mayor of Iquique accuses little help due to migration



In addition, he emphasized that the migratory situation is not lived only now, but has been going on for at least two years, however, there is no response to it. “We are understanding that we are second-class citizens or that we are a sacrifice zone“, he pointed.

Soria also criticized the centralization suffered by the issue, arguing that “if this happened in Santiago,” the reality would be different.

“If a plane with 200 passengers arrived in Santiago, today the borders are closed. If they come without PCR, what they would do is prevent them from entering our country”, he pointed.

Day by day of migration

On the other hand, Soria pointed out that migrants arrive every day. “It is a daily plane that enters our country and we do not have sanitary control. But the most important thing about this is that we do not have immigration control, that is, we do not know who enters and with what he enters. “

Given this, he specified that there is no migration control at the borders. What there is is control so that some of the people want to self-hatred. “

He went on to explain that “The people who did self-report at the border are taken down by the health authority to a shelter, which is the Municipal Stadium, where they do the five-day quarantine and take an entry and exit PCR.”

However, at the end of this period “people leave. They tell them: ‘you entered the country irregularly, but we are the health service and you have already completed the quarantine, there is the door’, and they go out to see what they do. “

For the mayor, it is at that moment where the streets are transformed into shelters “without the corresponding sanitary conditions.” Faced with this situation, the mayor emphasized that “Humanitarian treatment. How children and pregnant women are sleeping on the street”, he questioned.

Finally, he stressed that, as a community authority, “we want to help them, but we don’t have the tools (…) That the State summon us and (we can) find a solution to this situation that occurs in the Tarapacá region, mainly in the city of Iquique “.

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