Mayor of La Reina surprises strangers trying to enter his house to perpetrate robbery

Mayor of La Reina, José Manuel Palacios.  PHOTO: ARCHIVE / AGENCIAUNO

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Mayor of La Reina, José Manuel Palacios. PHOTO: ARCHIVE / AGENCIAUNO

In the hours of the night of this Thursday, the mayor of La Reina, José Manuel Palacios, suffered an attempted robbery at his house located in the commune.

The first information that the Investigative Police (PDI), indicate that individuals, After entering the condominium, they forced the gate of the mayor’s house. When they were about to enter, Palacios saw the subjects and they left starting.

“Nobody is free before this type of event. They tried to break into the house, forced a gate and also tried to force a window that, unfortunately, was difficult to break. I felt the noises, I went downstairs, I saw two guys and they started starting, ”said the mayor, who indicated that at least three individuals were involved in the event.

The identity of the subjects is still unknown, but according to the vice president of the UDI, they are clear about their physical characteristics. “They were two people who were wearing jockeys and masks, one dressed in a half-military suit and the other with a hoodie. There was also a person in shorts and a Mini Cooper waiting for them, ”he explained.

The theft was thwarted and the individuals fled the scene without succeeding in stealing any species, as indicated by the chief prefect of the PDI’s Suroriente Robbery Investigation Brigade, Juan Meyer.

Palacios indicated that the municipal and police security protocols worked very well and that in a few minutes he already had a lot of support. However, he took the opportunity to say that “this only reflects that every day we must work harder to improve security protocols and crime prevention mechanisms and we are going to continue along the same lines, so that hopefully our neighbors face situations like these, which are quite unpleasant. “

At the moment, the PDI reported that it is working to find the criminals, but that it is still no detainees associated with the events are registered.

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