“Mayor of Saint-Etienne Files Complaint after Violent Protests Demanding Resignation”

2023-05-31 21:21:07

OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE / AFP Mayor of Saint-Etienne Gael Perdriau speaks during a municipal council in Saint-Etienne town hall, on September 26, 2022. The city of Saint-Etienne has been troubled since the end of August by an affair at the heart of a judicial investigation after a complaint of blackmail by its former centrist first deputy Gilles Artigues. (Photo by OLIVIER CHASSIGNOLE / AFP)


Gaël Perdriau, mayor of Saint-Etienne, files a complaint after a casserole in the middle of the municipal council (Photo by Gaël Perdriau, mayor of Saint-Etienne, taken on September 26, 2022)

SAINT-ETIENNE – The mayor of Saint-Etienne Gaël Perdriau lodged a complaint this Wednesday, May 31, the day after the invasion of the Town Hall in the middle of the municipal council by a hundred demonstrators loudly demanding his resignation on grounds of accusations of sex tape blackmail, AFP learned from the town hall.

Tuesday evening, demonstrators who chanted “Partridge resignation!” » and some of whom were banging on pots briefly burst into the municipal council chamber before being repelled by the municipal police, who notably had to use tear gas.

“This kind of violence is unacceptable. There were two municipal officers injured. The hall of the Town Hall has been badly degraded”reacted Wednesday the mayor of Saint-Etienne in an interview with France Bleu Saint-Etienne.

Complaint against X

“What happened last night is extremely serious because this violence was instigated by elected officials”said the city councilor (ex-LR) adding that “The deputy of the deputy Andrée Taurinya (note: LFI deputy for the 2nd constituency of the Loire) was one of the people who returned by force”.

Gaël Perdriau filed a complaint against X, in particular for “degradation of public property”, “contempt of the Mayor and municipal police officers” et “light violence”according to a copy of the complaint obtained by AFP.

At the start of the municipal council, the main opponents of the mayor – indicted for ” blackmail “ by intimate video on his former centrist deputy to control him politically – had still tried in vain to convince him to resign, to step down or to organize a local referendum on the continuation of his mandate.

Bring “proof of (his) innocence”

The person concerned replied to be “fully focused on (his) mandate”et “can’t wait for justice to speak”while, as at each municipal council since last September, a collective united under the banner of the “Defeat Committee” organized events on the forecourt of the Town Hall.

The day after his indictment, on April 6, the first magistrate from Saint-Etienne had affirmed that he would bring “proof of (his) innocence”. If he remains attached to his seat as mayor, Gaël Perdriau has put himself “withdrawn” of his functions at the head of the metropolis. Last Thursday, the metropolitan council took note of this and voted 69% for a deliberation halving his indemnity as president of Saint-Etienne Métropole.

In addition to the 50-year-old elected official, his former chief of staff Pierre Gauttieri, his former deputy Samy Kéfi-Jérôme and the latter’s ex-companion, Gilles Rossary-Lenglet, who had confessed a “daubering of manners” at Mediapart, at the end of August 2022, were also indicted.

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