“Mayotte Hospital Crisis: Closure and Blockages Amid Migrant Disputes”

2023-05-12 21:05:51

The management of the Mamoudzou hospital center announced on Friday May 12 in a press release that it had “decided to trigger the white plan”, which involves the closure of the reference medical center (CMR) in Dzoumogné, following attacks and acts of vandalism on the site. Access to the Mamoudzou hospital center and other health establishments in Mayotte have been blocked for several days by members of collectives who intend to denounce the refusal of the Comorian authorities to accept people expelled from the territory as part of the operation ” Wuambushu,” noted a journalist from Agence France-presse (AFP).

At the beginning of the week, they decided to prevent patients from accessing Mamoudzou hospital. A few meters away, the Jacaranda consultation and care center was blocked at the end of last week and closed its doors ” until further notice “. Blockages near dispensaries were observed in Dzoumogné, in the north, in Kahani, in the center, and in Pamandzi, in Petite-Terre.

“These hospitals no longer belong to us”

“There were clashes during the day between the police and young offenders in front of the Dzoumogné college. At the end of the afternoon, a dozen young people managed to enter the CMR by taking advantage of the entrance of an ambulance. They wanted to attack the members of the collective who were there, who took refuge with the nursing staff in the buildings. There was an injury among the collective “Jean-Mathieu Defour, director general of the Mayotte hospital, told AFP.

“These hospitals, these dispensaries, no longer belong to us, they are saturated and we, Mahorais, are obliged to go for treatment in Reunion”Safina Soula, president of Citoyens de Mayotte 2018, told AFP. not returned to service. Since Wednesday, local collectives have blocked the departure of the ferry which provides trips to Anjouan. “He is only carrying medicine and food, it is out of the question for him to leave without migrants”last Safina Soula.

At the hospital, most outpatient consultations have been postponed until next week. In an information note obtained by AFP, management asks caregivers not to come into contact with the collective or with the press.

1,800 police and gendarmes mobilized

Since the end of April, the French authorities have deployed significant means to dislodge illegal migrants from the slums of Mayotte as part of the vast operation “Wuambushu” (“recovery” in Mahorais). Some 1,800 police and gendarmes are mobilized.

Comorians in an irregular situation, the vast majority of undocumented migrants present in the French archipelago in the Indian Ocean, must be sent back to the nearest Comorian island, Anjouan, just 70 kilometers away. The Comorian port authorities had announced on April 27 that boats from Mayotte were once again authorized to dock, but that only Comorians with their national identity card could disembark. On the same day, the shipping company providing the link between the French department of Mayotte and the Comoros announced “suspend rotations until further notice”.

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