Mayweather acknowledges what Canelo did, but ranks Crawford as the best Libra for Libra

Floyd Mayweather ensures that in his opinion the best Libra for Libra is Terence Crawford, but what he has done impresses him Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

“At some particular moment, I said it was Terence Crawford (the best Pound for Pound), ”he said Floyd during your participation in the program First Take of ESPN.

However, in your answer Floyd Mayweather seems to harbor some doubt about the best Libra for Libra, as he also praised the Canelo.

“But what the Canelo has done has been amazing, “he said Floyd. “The Canelo he was able to climb up to light heavy, and become light heavyweight champion. I didn’t even see him going up so much (in divisions) and he did ”.

However, Mayweather clarified that for him, Terence Crawford still the best Pound for Pound.

“Right now,” he said Floyd, “I have to put Crawford as number one ”.

The opinions of Floyd Mayweather they seem always changing. At times he seems to mock the Mexican for the poor performance of Saúl when the two met in September 2013, where the Canelo was swept over the ring.

And at other times, when the arrogant character is shed, Floyd Mayweather can do a more generous analysis for the Mexican.

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