Mazoni pays tribute to Beethoven with ‘Ludwig’, his new album to be released on November 5

Medium plan of the press conference to present the new project of Jaume Pla, Mazoni, ‘Ludwig’. September 29, 2021. (Horizontal).
Angela Sanchez

The singer-songwriter of the Bisbal Mazoni has released his new album this Wednesday ‘Ludwig’, inspired by the figure of Ludwig van Beethoven and which will see the light next November 5th. The work of the German composer is introduced from deconstructed and reorganized fragments of his works. In addition, they serve as a basis and inspiration for the new songs of Jaume Pla. Most of the bases are piano sonatas, string quartets and symphonies that Mazoni later passes through his sieve. The first presentations will take place on October 31 atSpace Ter (Torroella de Montgrí) and on 13 November atGirona Auditorium.

Mazoni, in this work, tries to vindicate “the audacity” when it comes to launching himself to be inspired by the work of Ludwig Van Beethoven. The idea of ​​being inspired by the German composer arose from reading a biography of Beethoven in confinement. “I was tired of reading biographies and listening to versions of legendary rock bands and I thought of doing something different,” reflects Mazoni. The musician considers that he wanted to play with Beethoven’s compositions to try to “bring it to him”. He also believes that any other composer could be inspired by Beethoven, but “different things would come out.”

‘Ludwig’ has been awarded the III Ter Space Award and has support for the production of La Marfà – Center for Musical Creation. The album will be released with the label Bankrobber, supported by Seed Music, editor of the Espai Ter Award. The Teatre Espai Ter auditorium in Torroella de Montgrí created the Espai Ter Music Award in 2018 with the aim of supporting professional music creation projects and becoming a support center for artistic creation in the field of Catalan countries. The Espai Ter, in its third edition, hosts for a year the musical project of Jaume Pla and has edited his work ‘Ludwig’.


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