Mbaye Leye speaks for the first time as Standard coach

The former striker returned to his appointment as a coach. “I am honored and happy to come back here after knowing this club as a player and an assistant coach. It is a pleasure to be in this great club. The confidence that the president, Alex (Grosjean), Benja (Nicaise) and Michel (Preud’homme) is very important to me. My goal is to get Standard out of this situation because the club must have ambitions. My role is well defined, all sporting decisions will be taken by me. We don’t have a lot of time and January is very important. “

As a former assistant to Michel Preud’homme, Mbaye Leye knows the group well at his disposal. And vice versa. “The reactions were positive, some players came to see me to tell me that they were happy that I was there. It is easier for them when they have someone they know in front of them. My first speech revolved around respect, between the players but also towards all the people who work at the club. “

With the honesty and transparency that we know him, the new principal coach has not evaded any subject. Even the most sensitive, such as the recent dismissal of two players, namely Felipe Avenatti and Obbi Oulare. “It is a collegial decision which was taken in the interest of the Standard, to make it better and unfortunately there is collateral damage. It’s difficult, of course, and that’s why I hope that solutions will be found quickly for these players. “

The former Rouche knows however that his stay on the bench of Standard, as long as it is, will not be a long quiet river. But he intends to get to work directly. “For me, the priority is to focus on the state of mind, to adhere to the DNA of the Standard. The passion we are talking about must be seen in the field. Afterwards, everyone knows, when you see the number of goals scored, you see that there is a problem. If we can keep that good defense and get back to the goal, it should. For now, attackers are not creating an opportunity, this is what we must first come back to. “

To achieve his ends, Leye will never hesitate to rely on local young people. For him, age does not matter: it is the qualities displayed by his players that will be decisive when composing his team. “Of course they will still be part of the core, but I don’t want to consider players based on their age. We have to stop with that. A player of 18 or 37 is above all a pro player. It is their qualities that define them. On the pitch, I’ll put those who I think are the best to win a match, that’s all. “

Young people, state of mind, these are the key words of the new Standard coach. Who also presented his philosophy of play, with a nice nod to his history of consultant for RTL Sport. “For me, modern football is a mixture of many things, I don’t have an ideal. As you know, I watched the Champions League a lot as a consultant. Having an aggressive game, like Liverpool or Atlético, seems essential to me. But it is also necessary, behind, to be able to play football as Manchester City does for example. Football is that. You have to try to get the ball as often as possible. I prefer to be active than passive on the pitch, and what I’m going to ask my players. “

To end this presentation, the Senegalese did not hesitate to address the supporters directly. Because, as a former member of the house, Leye knows it more than anyone: the Liège fans could have a decisive role in his career on the banks of the Meuse. “The supporters wanted to see me at this club because they know the mentality I had during my playing career. I want them to be proud of their coat of arms. Passion, pride and fervor are not just words, it takes action. I would like them to be proud of us even in defeat. “


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