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MBC’s “ruthless oppression of the press” in response to the allegation of “colloquialism in reporting profanity”

by archyde

“The video spread first on social media”

▲ President Yun Seok-yeol, who returned from a tour of the UK, the United States and Canada, answers questions from reporters as he arrives at the presidential office in Yongsan, Seoul on the morning of the 26th.-Yonhap News

MBC strongly opposed the allegations of collusion in relation to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s report on the ‘slang controversy’, calling it “absurd suspicion.”

On the 26th, MBC issued a statement about the ruling party’s claim that it delivered the contents of President Yoon’s remarks to Democratic Party floor leader Park Hong-geun before the official report, saying, “Because the video of President Yoon’s remarks went online before it was reported to the media, floor leader Park We were able to fully understand the relevant information before the report,” he claimed.

According to MBC, the time when floor leader Park criticized President Yoon’s remarks as ‘bad talk’ was 9:33 am on the 22nd, and the time when MBC first uploaded a video to YouTube was 10:07 am.

MBC explained, “Related content and videos were rapidly circulating on social media long before MBC uploaded the video to YouTube.” .

He added, “It is a media control and media oppression that mercilessly attacks a media company as a scapegoat in order to escape criticism due to ‘slanderous remarks’.”

Regarding the suspicions related to the video reporter who filmed the video, MBC said, “It is not a video taken personally, but was filmed as a member of the Presidential Office Pool reporters and shared with all broadcasters. Serious situations are taking place, even personal attacks,” he said.

The National Media Workers’ Union also issued a statement on the same day, criticizing it, saying, “It is right to admit that you insulted me and ask for forgiveness.

Reporter Jiye Kim

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