McDonald’s closes one of its restaurants in San Juan after a positive case of coronavirus

The company Arcos Dorados, which manages the McDonald’s franchise in Puerto Rico, closed the restaurant located on Avenida 65 de Infantería, in San Juan, until further notice, after learning that one of the employees tested positive for the coronavirus ( COVID-19).

Through a press release, The company reported that the employee stopped working since March 26, but still determined to close the facility and place his colleagues in isolation as a preventive measure.

“On the night of Friday, April 3, we received the unfortunate news that one of our employees at the 65 Infantry restaurant tested positive for the coronavirus. Fortunately, he is stable and following the recommendations of a health specialist, as well as staying in isolation at home, “reads the statement.

The company hired a professional cleaning service provider to disinfect the restaurant in question.

“With respect to other McDonald’s restaurants, we will continue to apply our strict standards of hygiene and sanitation as part of our commitment to protect the safety of our customers and our employees.”, it was informed.

According to the executive order of Governor Wanda Vázquez, fast food restaurants can continue to operate as long as the curfew and social isolation measures last, but only through servicarro or food pickup known as “carry-out.”

The curfew and closure of shops extends until April 12, according to executive order 2020-29.

The Health Department reported this morning that the number of infections on the island totals 452 cases and the deaths increased to 18.


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