McDonald’s employee demonstrates incredible mug trick – multimedia

A TikToker wants to show in its video that the fast food chain “cheats” with their drinks. The video collects millions of clicks.

An alleged McDonald’s employee posted a video on the TikTok video platform and had a hit with it. With the clip, the user mykah.mykah wants to show that the fast food giant cheats when filling the drinks and that each cup size always has the same filling quantity. The video has now been viewed over 12 million times and liked over 1.6 million times on TikTok.

The user shared his clip under the title “You are lying to us” and is aimed directly at McDonald’s. With the words “folks, I found something out”, he shows the community his “exposure”.

The Tiktoker fills the smallest McDonald’s cup to the brim with cola and then pours the contents into the middle cup, which is then – oh wonder – also full. Mykah.mykah again fills the middle cup into the largest cup. This is also completely filled. Conclusion: According to the user, it doesn’t matter which cup you order – it always has the same amount of drink in it anyway.

The clip led to a lively discussion on TikTok with a lot of winking. There are now almost 13,000 comments. For most users on Tiktok, however, one thing is clear: Not McDonald’s is tricking, but mykah.mykah.

Simpler Trick

The clip is a simple trick. Both the middle and the large cups were filled with some cola before they were poured. But you can’t see that due to the camera setting. “That happens if you fill up each cup a little and then put more in,” says user Random Tiktokian.

Others see a bit of truth in this. “That’s really true, because there are usually 1,000 ice cubes in there,” says user Gott. Kaybruh also says: “I worked at McDonald’s, and it’s true. So always take the drink without ice and only order the small cup – never the middle one.”

That’s what McDonald’s says about the video

McDonald’s is familiar with the TikToker video mykah.mykah, and it is taken with humor. “Magic is very entertaining, but with us everything is real,” company spokeswoman Deborah Murith said on request. It can be confirmed that larger cups are filled with correspondingly more of a drink. “Our guests can order three different sizes and choose the right amount of drink according to their thirst.”

There is a different button on the beverage machine for each cup size: Mini, Small and Medium. “Our employees can only press the appropriate button and the exact amount is filled into the cup.” The amount of drinks per cup size also stays the same. “Regardless of whether with or without ice cream.”

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