McDonald’s is testing the new bike-in: eating burgers on the bike saddle

If you now think that the bike-ins have their own access roads for cyclists, you are wrong. Rather, it is a souped-up bike stand in which you can park your bike. You can find these bike racks in the three test branches mentioned above in the parking lots or at the entrance to the branches in the outdoor seating area.

There is also no microphone into which you can speak your order. Instead, you can order via the McDonald’s app (you can find the download here after the text). Payment is made contactless with a credit card immediately after ordering in the app. During the payment process, the app asks you where you want to pick up the order. Here you choose that the order should be delivered to the parking lot and enter the parking lot number that is on the bike stand. After all, it will be personal, because an employee will then bring the order straight to your bike. By the way: In the first test phase, McDonald’s brings the order in an insulated bag that you can keep.

Now you can decide whether you want to take the order with you or eat it directly on site. For the latter, McDonald’s has set up special cyclist tables directly above the bicycle stand. You can see what that looks like in the video above.

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