McLaren F1, innovative coloring at Singapore GP and Japan GP[]

McLaren released impressive coloring designs in two consecutive races of the F1 Singapore GP and the F1 Japan GP.

McLaren has been making headlines on the racetrack since 2017 when it opted to use the regular papaya color. Last season we raced in two special liveries. The iconic pale blue Gulf livery was particularly well received at the Monaco Grand Prix, while partner Vucet’s multi-coloured stripes were used at Abu Dhabi.

For this year’s F1 Singapore Grand Prix and F1 Singapore Grand Prix, McLaren will be working with key partner crypto exchange OKX.

The coloring named “Future Mode” expresses “neon pink decorations and dynamic, cyberpunk-inspired engine illustrations.”

There is no doubt that this MCL36 will stand out at Marina Bay and Suzuka Circuit.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown said: “We are thrilled to celebrate our partnership with OKX with this bold and vibrant livery for our upcoming races in Asia.” and commented.

“McLaren and OKX are united in pushing forward and always striving to push boundaries. The Future Mode campaign is an opportunity to champion these values ​​together on the global stage.”

“It is great to be able to resume racing in Singapore and Japan.These incredible circuits will provide the perfect backdrop to celebrate our partnership vision together.”

“It’s been incredible fun for us and McLaren to co-design the livery for Asia,” said OKX team marketing officer Haider Rafik.

“This new livery heralds the arrival of bold new technology, and that is what OKX is all about. bring it to the racetrack

“Debuting at Singapore’s Night Race, this future-oriented design reflects OKX’s 24/7 nature and the cryptocurrency market that never sleeps. It’s a long way off and we can’t wait for fans to experience what OKX and McLaren have in store.”

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