Me Ciré Clédor Ly joins the pool of lawyers of Ousmane Sonko.

It is the lawyer who said it, today, during a telephone interview with Dakaractu. The “black dress” specializing in criminal litigation, has just moved into the case. He announced that he joined the defense of Ousmane Sonko for several reasons.

“I was formed because this is a loose plot that leads to the elimination of all forms of democratic opposition in this country. This calls out to all those who are enamored of justice and all Senegalese and patriots who have the safeguarding and sustainability of democracy at heart, ”he insisted.

The lawyer has also already been “contacted” and “consulted” to defend the opponent, “like a number of criminal lawyers”, explains to Dakaractu, Me Ly. The designation was formalized following a meeting with the party leader at his home, on the night of Thursday to Friday, we are told.

“I spoke with Ousmane Sonko for more than three rounds of the clock, during which he displayed all the serenity and assurance of innocence. It is not allowed to doubt this innocence ”, still pleads Me Ciré Clédor Ly, who had pleaded in particular in the case of ill-gotten goods and that of the cash advance, among other cases.

The council says it is part of a fight “for democracy, the rule of law and against lies and state conspiracy.” “” It involves the entire political and judicial system. And in this it should not be minimized, it should be taken very seriously because the sponsors are not at their first attempt and will not stop, ”warned the lawyer.

Sonko’s current and future defense strategy is not made public. So as not to risk fueling the accusation and unintentionally improving the other party’s arguments. The goal, according to Me Ly, is to find flaws or contradictions ruining the credit of the accuser …


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