Me Moustapha Dieng: “The PDS Problem is not Abdoulaye Wade, but Karim Wade”

The lawyer Moustapha Dieng has turned his back on the Senegalese Democratic Party, his original political formation for the benefit of the President of the Republic Macky Sall, to whom he also provided his support during the last presidential election.

Wade son

For him, the whole problem of the PDS is Karim Wade. “History did not prove us right on Abdoulaye Wade but it proved us right on Karim Wade. In 2019, after eight years of opposition, we were surprised by the behavior of Karim Wade who left the troops in the open. We are from the liberal family, at the time of the composition of the family, we took the bet, very early, to support the candidacy of President Macky Sall in the last presidential election. It is happy today that other liberals take the bet to see the reality of the PDS ”, said Moustapha Dieng, maintaining that: “Karim Wade cannot support the Liberals’ cause. He certainly has merit, but he does not have the same experience as Omar Sarr, Bara Gaye among others. We are Wadists and not panurge sheep. And, in certain situations, it is better to leave ”, he regretted, in an interview with Source A.


He is in phase with the departure of Oumar Sarr, Babacar Gaye, Me El Hadji Amadou Sall among others. “The PDS’s problem is not Abdoulaye Wade, but Karim Wade“, Said the lawyer.

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