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■ The new Step WGN is a 1.5L turbo and 2.0L hybrid

The new Step WGN is based on two styles: Air (left) and Spada (right).

HondaThe M-class minivan “Step WGN” has undergone a full model change and has evolved into the 6th generation.

Step WGNThe boxy form reminiscent of the first and second generation models, which can be said to be the heyday of the M-Class minivan, makes us feel that we have evolved in pursuit of the essence required by M-class minivan users, such as a wide cabin and easy-to-grasp vehicle feel.

However, the powertrain is a unit that basically follows the conventional model. In other words, the settings are 1.5L VTEC turbo + CVT (FF / 4WD) and 2.0L + 2 motor hybrid “e: HEV” (FF).

I don’t know about the specific driving because I haven’t experienced it as a car columnist. For impressions, read the articles by leading motor journalists.

● Background with meaningful images

Here is a meaningful image of the manufacturer’s announcement. It’s a scene where the hybrid fits in a stylish garage …

Aside from that, there are some parts that can be seen only because it is an automobile columnist who can only touch the data and images announced by the manufacturer.

First of all, please take a look at the image of the Step WGN announced by Honda in the garage. Do you notice anything?

At first glance, you may feel that it is just a mundane picture such as a fashionable garage displaying foliage plants and the back view of the new Step WGN e: HEV. However, near the foliage plants on the right side, you can see items that are indispensable in the electrification era.

That is the EV / PHEV outlet. I’ve taken a close-up of the image and added an arrow so I’d like you to check it again.

● If you imagine it without permission, you have high expectations for the possibility of PHEVs.

You can see the normal charging outlets (probably made by Panasonic) for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids at the points indicated by the arrows.

EV (electric vehicle) and PHEV (Plug-in hybridIf you are a user of), you will find the familiar Panasonic outlet on the wall. In other words, the owner of this garage can be profiled as someone who has a history of owning an EV or PHEV or is conscious of owning it in the future.

The images prepared by the automobile manufacturer for PR are detailed. The fact that the EV / PHEV outlet looks casual may be intended to imply that people with a positive mindset toward electrification will choose the Step WGN e: HEV.

However, the author captures this rendition as it suggests further possibilities.

In short, I feel that it indicates that there are plans to prepare PHEVs for the Step WGN in the future.

The photo shows an EV / PHEV outlet mounted on the wall of the garage of the author who owned the EV individually.

In fact, Honda’s 2-motor hybrid e: HEV is a system that can be converted to PHEV relatively easily by increasing the amount of battery installed and mounting an in-vehicle charger. It is a hybrid system that is compatible with the PHEV know-how that Honda has released in the past, such as the Accord and Clarity, and it is no wonder that PHEVs will appear in the Step WGN if the hurdle of increasing the battery capacity is cleared.

According to Honda’s EV popularization roadmap, Japan plans to start with the introduction of light commercial EVs in 2024. This is probably because, due to the characteristics of the Japanese market, even if EVs are advanced for business use, hybrid needs are still strong for personal use. Nevertheless, in order to promote zero emissions, it can be said that the conversion of popular models to PHEVs is an effective solution as a one-action to promote the spread of EVs.

If a PHEV appears in the Step WGN, it will be an opportunity to prepare an EV / PHEV outlet in the garage as shown in the image. And if you have an EV / PHEV outlet at home, it may be natural to switch to an EV as the next step.

Car columnist Shinya Yamamoto

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