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Mechanic for the Boston police, he stole parts to resell them …

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Make no mistake, even though his little merry-go-round lasted a little over three years, this rogue mechanic frankly did not go with a grain of salt to take action. Indeed, he was using his statute to order parts for the Boston Police.

Only then, the vehicles of the police almost never saw these famous parts since it was in charge of reselling them.

And to cover up all those extra purchases, the 36-year-old made false invoices which he then sent to relevant departments in the Boston Police Department. As for his clients, they were not even aware of his illicit activities. And for good reason, he explained to everyone that these parts had been obtained legally “thanks to a reduction offered by the police”, the nerve.

Tried last August, he has just been sentenced to 2 months in prison and 3 years of probation. He must also reimburse part of the amount stolen to the tune of $ 256,432, or approximately 226,000 euros.

He is doing well

Many people were surprised by this rather lenient sentence. Indeed, according to the US government such fraudulent acts can be punished up to 20 years in prison. It’s clear, he’s doing pretty well.

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