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. File photo” alt=”Joon-Man Kang, professor emeritus at Chonbuk National University, evaluated TV personality Eo-Jun Kim as close to a ‘political shaman’ in his new book . File photo” />

Kang Joon-man, professor emeritus at Chonbuk National University, published a new book <정치 무당 김어준>pointed out broadcaster Kim Eo-jun and evaluated him as close to a ‘political shaman’. <한겨레> data photo

Kang Joon-man, professor emeritus at Chonbuk National University (Department of Journalism and Broadcasting), evaluated broadcaster Kim Eo-joon as “an agitator of hatred and hate politics.” In that he pushed ‘fandom politics’ to the extreme and corrupted Korean politics, he argued that he was close to a ‘political shaman’ who drove politics into a confrontation between good and evil. In his new book (History of People and Ideas) earlier this month, Professor Kang shed light on the problematic figure of Kim Eo-jun and the ‘Kim Eo-jun phenomenon’ left behind in Korean politics. Beyond evaluating Kim Eo-jun’s ‘shut up and be on our side’ order highly and highly as a ‘brain’, he also gave harsh evaluations to some members of the Democratic Party, who are even showing the phenomenon of ‘Kim Eo-jun addiction’. First, in the book, Professor Kang explained Kim Eo-jun before entering politics as ‘earlier Kim Eo-jun’, and Kim Eo-jun after entering politics as ‘late Kim Eo-jun’. At one time, he was a pioneering figure who “wanted to create a cheerful society by pouring out powerful booing at the low-income capitalism planted by Park Tong” through “a change in ideas, overthrow of the mainstream, recovery of distorted common sense, and lively deviation”, but after the success of It is said that he began to show the extreme of political hatred. He said that what the late Kim Eo-jun unfolded before us was “the world of political shamanism where all sorts of conspiracy theories prevail.” It was the fandom that made such a change and transformation possible for Kim Eo-jun. Professor Kang said, “As Kim Eo-Jun started to gain public support, he showed partiality and changed.” It is interpreted as a story that Kim Eo-jun was immersed in propaganda and agitation that actually made the blood of his supporters boil with inaccurate facts and unreasonable interpretations, and as a result, he was able to rise to the ranks of the “spiritual leaders” of former President Moon Jae-in’s enthusiastic supporters. In response, Professor Kang saw that the ‘Kim Eo-Jun controversy’ should be a ‘reverse argument’. The progressive camp has Kim Eo-jun, who drives hundreds of thousands to millions of enthusiastic supporters, on the same side. Therefore, the evaluation of Kim Eo-jun is not progressive, but ‘conservative Kim Eo-jun’ uses public broadcasting as a tool for ‘beating progress’, and when progressives protest fiercely, they raise ‘popular sentiment’ and ‘market logic’ to the fore, asking rather loudly what is wrong with that. It means that you have to start by thinking about the situation where you hit . Professor Kang explained that this ‘shameless red flag’ was the attitude the progressive camp had taken toward Kim Eo-jun. He said, “No matter how much we divide sides and engage in camp wars, there is a minimum line that must be followed, and in order to verify this, we must do the opposite. If you are a progressive, you can advocate or tolerate ‘conservative Kim Eo-jun’.” In this new book, Chapter 1 “Kim Eo-Jun, a pioneer in realizing a ‘cheerful society’”, Chapter 2 “Kim Eo-Jun’s ‘Fandom Politics’ and ‘Hate and Hate Marketing’”, Chapter 3 “‘Kim Eo-Jun’s Leader Dominating the Democratic Party'”, Chapter 4 It consists of four chapters, including “The harm that Kim Eo-jun did to the Democratic Party and Korean politics.” Reporter Seongjin Choi [email protected]

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