– News – Back to school 2021: Here are 5 laptops for students

Among the essential supplies for studying, laptops are now one of the back-to-school expenses. CNEWS selected five interesting models based on their value for money.

The prices mentioned are based on recommended retail prices and do not take into account any promotions offered by resellers.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

For its 4th generation Surface Laptop, Microsoft delivers a fine balance in terms of design, finish, ergonomics and performance. It is possible to opt for an assembly of the keyboard while in Alcantara or in metal, facing a very beautiful 13.5-inch screen for this version at 1,129 euros. If the device is currently delivered under Windows 10, it should switch without problem to version 11 expected by the end of the year and which will integrate many new features at the same time as a more refined interface. The Dolby Atmos sound experience delivered by its integrated speakers complete the multimedia universe of this laptop PC which is also comfortable for office automation. It should also be noted that the screen of this computer is touch-sensitive to facilitate certain interactions with compatible applications.

You have the Asus Zenbook UX325

Still on the PC side, Asus offers the Zenbook UX325 Oled. A model which, as its name suggests, offers an Oled screen to offer an irreproachable and flattering image for the retinas. A technology still rare at this price level on a laptop PC. Very thin with its 13.9 mm thickness, it offers an immersive experience wherever you travel, with an autonomy that far exceeds 12 hours. We also appreciate its trackpad which incorporates a touchscreen numeric keypad for more comfort. This model will accommodate Windows 11 by the end of the year. It incorporates an 11th generation Intel processor to ensure good versatility.

apple macbook air m1

The bestseller of the Apple computer line, the MacBook Air inherited a revolutionary new chip at the end of 2020, called M1. This has increased the power and capabilities of this ultraportable tenfold. Above all, it has not sacrificed its autonomy in any way, which goes from 10 to 20 hours unlike the old models. If you therefore prefer to opt for an Apple laptop, this model remains a must but which remains displayed above 1,100 euros. Its aluminum frame and large trackpad make it a robust and easy-to-use model, designed around a flattering 13-inch screen.

huawei matebook 13 2020

For the start of the school year, Huawei has revised its prices around its range of laptops. And the Matebook 13 (2020) is a good compromise for working under Windows 10. With a 10th generation Intel Core processor and an Nvidia GeForce MX 250 graphics card, this small PC launched last year is sufficiently well equipped to be comfortable in many uses. The Chinese manufacturer enriches its all-aluminum model with a beautiful screen practically without black borders and whose 13-inch panel offers a 2K definition of the most beautiful effect. A product that is both design and light, indicated to follow a student throughout his course.

Acer Aspire 3

In the mid-range, the new Aspire 3 (2021) from Acer offers a good compromise for tighter budgets under 500 euros. Comfortable for office automation, it offers a very large 15.6-inch screen for students looking for better reading comfort.

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It even has filters to minimize the blue rays of the screen in case of prolonged session. Little more, the device is supplied with a carrying case, as well as a complementary wireless mouse.

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