Mediation will relieve judges of the increased workload 2024-04-24 20:54:07

In particular, according to OPEMED’s announcement, the Minister of Justice, Giorgos Floridis, stated that “the scope for improvement of the institution of mediation and judicial mediation is very large”, emphasizing that “changes are needed in the Judiciary”.

At the same time, Mr. Floridis noted that “if we manage to settle some cases out of court, we will help relieve the judges from the increased workload”, which can contribute to the faster delivery of Justice and – as he explained – “from the experience we have the new framework will be formed”.

The president of ENDE, Margarita Stenioti, emphasized that “this event puts a stone in the way for citizens to trust mediation”, adding that “it is a direct, fast, flexible process that helps the two parties to agree on a mutually acceptable solution, with the help of the mediator”. “Wherever it has been implemented it has been crowned with success,” he pointed out, emphasizing that it “contributes to the promotion of legal culture.”

The president of OPEMED and president of the Personal Data Protection Authority, Konstantinos Menoudakos, spoke about the need to create a new culture for resolving disputes, as – as he said – the cases brought to the courts must be reduced and he expressed his satisfaction with the fact that improvements and additions to the 2019 law are being considered by the State.

Finally, Mr. Menudakos, referring to the better application of the institution of mediation, clarified that “primary position must be the attitude of the legal world and especially the lawyers”, while assessing that “the initially negative position seems to have started to change” .

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