Medical app offers care in health specialties without leaving home

Despite the fact that the country is in the middle of a ‘new normal‘, there is still a state of alert and prevention in the presence of the coronavirus, this situation has also accelerated some processes such as the implementation of more scenarios for education, online work and healthcare models.

The need for people to receive medical consultations without leaving home It has been increasing, although there is a general concern about a possible contagion of covid, also a high rate of people who suffer from other types of diseases and whose effects have been exacerbated by the new lifestyle imposed by the isolation measures.

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In parallel to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are psychological diseases and other conditions that are affecting people’s quality of life. Faced with this situation, technological solutions have appeared such as’Sitidoctor‘, a platform that offers three modalities for users to receive medical attention safely and immediately and without leaving their home.

This platform offers virtual consultations supported by a system of smart geolocation that helps to locate health professionals closest to patients and thus avoid displacement or long journeys that represent a risk of contagion.

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According to the creators of the service, the application offers more than 10 specialties different as they are general medicine, internal, family, pediatrics, psychology, psychiatry, nursing, nutrition, dermatology, optometry, ophthalmology.

“From remote orientation, to geolocation and artificial intelligence, they are tools and technological solutions that make telemedicine the present and the future of health systems ”, explains María José Acuña, spokesperson for Sitidoctor.

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Currently, telemedicine is a fundamental tool not only in times of pandemic but also for people who have difficulties to make long trips to a health center.


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