Medical certificate, high-level athlete … How to have access to gyms in the middle of Covid?

A gym (Illustration) – SYNTHESIS / SIPA

  • Sports halls had nearly 6 million members before the Covid-19 in France.
  • Only certain audiences had the authorization to access the clubs since the decree of October 29. Some used “fake certificates” to go to practice.
  • A revision of the decree was recently published to restrict the clientele in infrastructures.

They had to close on September 28 at Nice, like 4,300 others in France being in “enhanced alert zone”. The rooms
sport, who have enjoyed strong popularity in recent years with nearly 6 million members, are also suffering from the
Covid-19. Only a few of them have still been able to visit these facilities since the beginning of November, either with the presentation of a medical prescription or for so-called “priority” audiences.

To go to train on the machines, you must then be a professional athlete, a sports student, a sports coach (with a state diploma) or have a medical prescription which proves that you have a pathology that requires sports practice, this called a long-lasting condition (ALD). There are 30 “ADL” pathologies on the list of the Ministry of Health, such as disabling stroke, diabetes, severe heart failure, active tuberculosis, serious neurological and psychiatric conditions or cancer.

“It is the sedentary people who need to practice the most”

Among the “lucky ones” who benefit from the entry pass, there is Ben Gerrits, in third year of Staps (sciences and techniques of physical and sports activities) in sports management. “I only know of two rooms that are open in Nice, Fitness Park Jean Médecin and GigaFit at the port. So in the end, there are a lot of people who meet in the same places, at the same times. With the curfew, it is open from 8 am to 5:30 pm instead of 6 am to 11 pm… In the one where I go, the maximum capacity is 190 places. We feel a little tight ”.

He adds: “We have to wear the mask, use the hydroalcoholic gel when entering, clean the machines each time we use it. It’s a bit of a special atmosphere. In addition, I find it a shame to filter authorized people in this way. It is more those who are sedentary who need to practice the most. In Staps, for example, we have the possibility of playing sports at the university ”.

A revision of the decree of October 29 which restricts the clientele

So, some tried to “scratch”, notes the student. “I think there are some who wanted to play sports so much and clear their minds that they asked their general practitioner for certificates without exactly fulfilling the conditions.” A practice confirmed by France Blue and Nice morning. Questioned at the end of their session, several clients admitted to having a prescription without having to prove anything to their doctor.

“Following the revision of the decree of October 29, 2020, allowing access to the club to the priority public, published on February 6, 2021, we inform you that only patients with ADL as part of the treatment path, fall under the category “people with a prescription” and can therefore access our club, “published on February 8 on its Facebook account one of the only open rooms in Nice. “A simple and / or non-compliant medical prescription no longer allows access to the room,” she specified.

Consequences of too many certificates of convenience? According to Ben Gerrits, “law enforcement raids have already taken place.”

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